SWARM Intelligence #27

Community Vote, Live Masternodes, New Marketplaces

Vivian Jane
Jul 11, 2019 · 4 min read
Philipp Pieper on stage at the Barcelona Trading Conference 10 July 2019 with fellow security token industry leaders discussing The Present and Future of Security Tokens

SWARM Network Constitution ratified. New council members appointed.

SWM holders have always been able to vote on foundational decisions. Last month they voted on an upgrade to the SWARM governance model. Grateful to all of you who participated, we are excited to share the results.

Regarding the adoption of new governance policies:

Ratification of SWARM Network Constitution (SNC-2019.01) — Passed

Approval of SWARM Network Policy for Issuance Staking — Passed

Expansion of SWARM Council to 5 members — Passed

Regarding the appointment of new SWARM Council members:

  • Sam Stone — Voted in
  • Zachary Perryman — Voted in
  • Richard Steward — Voted in
  • Philipp Pieper and Timo Lehes will be continuing their current term.

Congratulations to the new SWARM Council appointees, and congratulations to the SWARM community for engaging and taking action. These decisions constitute a significant step along the continuing path of self-governance and self-reliance for the SWARM Network.

More information and .

Activate your SWARM Masternode now

SWARM Masternodes are decentralized compute resources that provide services to the SWARM network. If you want to help us build the decentralized financial platform of tomorrow, running one (or more) SWARM Masternode(s) is the way to go. The SWARM Foundation has set aside 10 million SWM tokens to reward nodes. Check out the complete and see how you can become an agent of change. Join the dedicated SWARM Masternode group for real-time updates and discussion.

More information:

New dashboard provides real-time insight into SWARM Masternodes

To establish maximum transparency for our SWARM community we have updated our SWARM Masternodes dashboard. Check out the for the latest information on the status, total value, and a complete listing of acquired masternodes.

Investment opportunity: INDX extends security token sale deadline to July 31

INDX, the diversified portfolio of masternodes aiming to generate regular passive income, has extended its public sale by one month. The new end date is Wednesday July 31, 2019. The fund’s proprietary algorithm scans the market and automatically re-balances the portfolio in hopes of achieving the highest possible revenues from selected masternodes. An is automatically created for participants in the token sale event, and can be used to streamline participation in other STOs.

Learn more: .


You can now buy and sell your SWM tokens on Ethfinex and Bitfinex

Digital asset trading platforms and have introduced the trading of SWARM tokens. The token is available in trading pairs SWM/USD and SWM/ETH, with 0% maker-fees. Like SWARM, Ethfinex and Bitfinex believe in providing you with full control over every aspect of your trading experience. They give you access to highly-flexible centralized and on-chain trading portals, as well as fee-sharing, discussion features, and voting tools.

More information:

Coinspect audits SWARM’s fundraising Smart Contracts and concludes they are secure

In June ​ performed a source code review of the​ SWARM fundraising smart contracts.​ During the assessment, Coinspect found no security issues. The code was found to be well documented and very readable, following good coding practices. All contracts compile without warnings. SWARM will request these audits on a regular basis to ensure the platform remains a place for worry-free trading.

More information:

“People aren’t realizing how big an institutional engagement is happening now.” — Philipp Pieper


Philipp Pieper takes the stage at the Barcelona Trading Conference 2019

Philipp Pieper attended the Wednesday 10 July to join a panel of security token industry all-stars including Carlos Domingo of Securitize, Yoni Assia of eToro, Oscar Jofre of KoreConX, and Roel Wolfert of CryptoDelta discussing The Present and Future of Security Tokens.

“Now is the time to untangle financial services” — Philipp Pieper

Check out this recap from


Action required — take a moment to transfer your crypto funds.

Now that the next generation is live, it is time for us to shut down the legacy platform. If you think you may have funds remaining on the old platform, to initiate the transfer of your cryptocurrency from your SWARM account to the ERC20 wallet of your choice. Rest assured, your funds are secure until you claim them. When you’re ready we will warmly welcome you to the new and improved SWARM — be sure to check out the .


INDX Expands Crypto Passive Income Token into Staking and DPoS

To coincide with its token sale going live this month, has announced its expansion into Staking and DPoS. Alongside profits from Masternodes, INDX token holders will now receive passive income from the best Staking and DPoS assets included in the portfolio. This expansion allows INDX to invest in larger cap, less volatile currencies, in addition to the high-yielding Masternode assets already in the portfolio.

It’s taken two years to build the infrastructure, algorithm and hedging strategy that allows INDX to capture all the profits from these digital assets. Qualified investors should visit the INDX website and follow the through SWARM. Dividends will be paid to anyone owning the INDX token from Q4 2019, with a 44% gross yield forecast from the $15m fund.

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