SWARM Intelligence #28

Community vote, Masternode dash upgrades, Berlin Blockchain Week.

Vivian Jane
Aug 13, 2019 · 5 min read


Vote on proposed amendments to SWARM Network Constitution (voting closes August 15).

To further improve the governance of the SWARM Network, the SWARM Council is proposing several amendments to the SWARM Network Constitution (SNC). The intended purpose of these proposed amendments is to 1) better facilitate consideration of Governance Action Ballots (GABs) by the community 2) relax requirements for staking SWM against GABs 3) eliminate the supermajority requirement for amending the SNC; 4) make other non-substantive, editorial revisions.

SWARM Council member Sam Stone drafted a blog in which he elaborates on the content of, and reasoning behind each amendment. Community members are encouraged to participate in these important SWARM Network decisions. If you haven’t voted yet, be sure to do so by August 15.

Read Sam Stone’s blog.

Follow and participate in the discussion of these ballots and other network-wide topics can be had in our community forum, Telegram, Reddit, and the Issues tab in GitHub.

Investment opportunity: Resolute.Fund extends security token sale deadline to November 30

Resolute.Fund (REZ) is a diversified U.S. real estate fund that offers an opportunity to invest in distressed mortgage loans on residential or commercial real estate. Resolute.Fund acquires these loans at discounted prices and makes money by selling them at higher prices — after refinancing, resale of loan, or sale of underlying property. Resolute.Fund is looking to raise a minimum of $200K and accepts BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, TRX, USDT as well as USD, EURO, JPY and KRW. There are no minimum requirements regarding the size of the investment. The sale of the security tokens has been extended to Sunday November 30, 2019. An Investor Pass is automatically created for participants in the token sale event, and can be used to streamline participation in other STOs.

Check out Resolute.Fund

More transparency with newly added metrics on SWARM Masternode dashboard

To give operators full transparency on the status of their SWARM Masternodes, we’ve added new network-level and node-level metrics to track. At a network-level you can now track ‘all-time distributed rewards’ and ‘current annual ROI’. On a node-level we’ve added ‘Current Status’, ‘Period up-time’, ‘Network Contribution’, ‘Rewards History’ and ‘Payout History’. Check out the new Masternode dashboard.

Learn more about running a SWARM Masternode.

Easy access to SWARM Masternode account with MetaMask

SWARM Masternode operators can now log into their account via MetaMask and view their earned rewards. Using MetaMask, they can then also instantly claim these rewards at any time.

Check out MetaMask

Learn more about running a SWARM Masternode

SWARM conducts first round of payouts to live masternodes — and has made it easy for operators to claim them.

On August 1st, SWARM paid out a total of 208,333 SWM in block rewards for the month of July 2019 to 266 SWARM Masternode operators as part of the incentive program it launched last year. Masternode operators can now conveniently claim these rewards using MetaMask. We’ve put together a short video to show you how that is done.

Interested in running a SWARM Masternode?

Check out the SWARM Masternodes website for details.


Meet SWARM CEO Philipp Pieper at the Blockchance Conference: August 16–17

The annual Blockchance Conference aims to contribute to a harmonious transition to a new economy and society. The conference is open to the blockchain scene, but also to people in politics, the media and frankly anyone interested in this topic. The event takes place on August 16 and 17 in Hamburg, Germany, and will feature business leaders, rocket engineers, freedom fighters and inventors. SWARM’s CEO Philipp Pieper will be on stage to present how SWARM designed and evolved the SWARM Network governance. Use our discount code BC2019/FAMILY to get a 10% discount on your admission ticket.

More information: Blockchance Conference

Meet SWARM at Web3 Summit in Berlin, Germany: August 19–21

Web3 Summit’s rallying call ‘to facilitate a fully functional and user-friendly decentralized web’, is right up SWARM’s alley. This why SWARM will be actively participating in the event during Berlin Blockchain Week. SWARM’s Philipp Pieper will take part in a panel discussion with representatives from Parity Technologies, Algorand, dGen, and KILT Protocol, and share how SWARM is leveraging Web 3.0 technology to facilitate financial transactions within the SWARM ecosystem. In the spirit of Web3, this event is inclusive and open to everyone.

More information: Collaboration in Web 3.0 — boat ride to center and Web3 Summit 2019


Philipp Pieper participated in a panel discussion at the Barcelona Trading Conference

Over the summer, Philipp participated in a panel discussion about the future of security tokens (STO) at the Barcelona Trading Conference (BTC). He professed his firm belief in the future of STOs. He also elaborated on the need for, what he called ‘regulatory icebreakers’, to elevate the trust of institutional investors and create an environment that accelerates mass STO adoption.

Watch: the entire panel discussion

SWARM’s Philipp Pieper with CEO & Co-founder of spot9 Johannes Gorski

Philipp Pieper spoke at spot9’s Berlin Fintech Evolution Meetup

Philipp joined spot9 and a crowd of fintech enthusiasts at an event geared toward introducing the spot9 founders and sharing about their vision. Philipp was featured as a guest speaker alongside Johannes Gorski — CEO & Co-founder of spot9, Sebastian Gawenda of Kraken, and moderator Silvan Jongerius of Ber Chain in their fireside chat about transcending the complicated banking system of today.

See pictures from the event.

SWARM Co-founder and Council Member Philipp Pieper participating in a fireside chat at spot9’s Fintech Evolution gathering.


Spotted by Philipp Pieper: The TaaSS Model — Token as a Subscription Service

Phillipp was pleased to read Kurt Braget’s blog about the TaaSS Model. In it, Kurt presents his idea for a Crypto subscription model. This model must be better than the existing SaaS models, which are often highly centralized. Kurt says “Crypto is about authorization and control of your money, not about signing your money over to somebody else to drain your account.” Read about TaaSS — Token as a Subscription Service, how it works, who could use it, the benefits and new opportunities. Philipp Pieper commented “As if someone was describing the SWARM Token Model with other words”.

Read The TaaSS Model — Token as a Subscription Service


There are several things cooking in SWARM’s kitchen.

Here’s a hint of what you can expect us to announce in the coming weeks:

  • SWARM Investor Pass App that will make it easy for investors to register for and track different projects (STOs).
  • SWARM self-serve tokenization tool that will make it super-easy for issuer to tokenize assets.
  • Governance Action Proposal Framework detailing how to submit governance action proposals as well as a GitHub repository for approved Governance Actions and upcoming votes.
  • New investment opportunities, one of which will be ASH Elements, a project aiming to provide a store of value for investors by creating a domestic supply of rare earth elements.

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