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SWARM Intelligence #29

Investor Pass is now LIVE. SWM token upgraded.

Vivian Jane
Sep 12 · 5 min read


SWARM’s Investor Pass makes it easier and safer to invest.

Investor Pass is used to qualify you to participate in digital asset token sales. With your explicit authorization, personal data can be sent to a qualification-provider to obtain certificates that make it easy for investors to register for and track different projects (STOs).

Check out SWARM’s Investor Pass.

If you have already created an Investor Pass to participate in an STO, you can sign in to use the app with your existing credentials.


SWARM Community overwhelmingly approves SWM token upgrade

INDX Capital is issuing SWARM’s SRC20 tokens

View the INDX Capital investment opportunity.

Video shows you how to get involved in SWARM Network Governance.

To make members familiar with what that entails, SWARM Community Member Jazzwall posted a short video in which he covers the main concepts of SWARM Network Governance and the different ways you can create and submit governance action proposals. He also directs viewers to available resources for more information.

Watch the video
View the guide to SWARM Network Governance

SWARM conducts payouts to live Masternodes — and has made it easy for operators to claim them.

Interested in running a SWARM Masternode?

Check out the SWARM Masternodes website for details.


SWARM-Copper partnership referenced in Finance Magnate article.

Read Finance Magnate’s update on Copper.

Then check out their coverage of the SWARM-Copper partnership.

STOcheck features Philipp Pieper talking about his vision for democratizing the financial world.

Read the interview.

Blocklike interviews Philipp Pieper about lowering barriers to entry for STOs.

Read the interview.


SWARM product team answered community questions in August 14 Telegram AMA.

Find the team’s answers to these and other questions in this summary of SWARM’s product AMA.

Blog: We build product (not hype).

Read the blog for a complete overview of these updates.

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