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SWARM Intelligence #29

Investor Pass is now LIVE. SWM token upgraded.

Vivian Jane
Sep 12, 2019 · 5 min read


SWARM’s Investor Pass makes it easier and safer to invest.

In order to make it easier for you to invest in financial opportunities, eliminate redundancy in the process of verifying your personal details, and to rule out that any more of your personal data is exposed than strictly needed, SWARM is introducing the Investor Pass app. Investor Pass is a portable user authentication system that can be used (and reused!) in any financial application, including investing in security tokens (STOs). The app is best compared to an account that stores and manages your personal data. It gives you full control over who can view your personal data, and how much of it to expose.

Investor Pass is used to qualify you to participate in digital asset token sales. With your explicit authorization, personal data can be sent to a qualification-provider to obtain certificates that make it easy for investors to register for and track different projects (STOs).

Check out SWARM’s Investor Pass.

If you have already created an Investor Pass to participate in an STO, you can sign in to use the app with your existing credentials.


SWARM Community overwhelmingly approves SWM token upgrade

Last month, SWM token holders took the opportunity to cast their vote on a proposal to replace the existing SWM Token with a new — and better — SWM token. Out of the total of 78.654,619 votes that were cast, 78,654,614 (or 99.999994%) were in favor of the upgrade. The upgraded SWM tokens require less gas, and are more easily integrated into wallets and marketplaces. On August 30, the existing SWM tokens in your wallet were successfully replaced 1-for-1 with new, upgraded SWM tokens. No action is required from you.

INDX Capital is issuing SWARM’s SRC20 tokens

In his August Investor Update, INDX Capital CEO Jonathan DeCarteret announced that in the first two months, INDX has broadly outperformed its market peers. While the $579,476 USD that has been raised is falling short of the $1.25 million soft cap, the INDX Board is optimistic about the market opportunity and investor sentiment. It therefore voted to reduce soft cap, so as to allow the business to proceed towards delivering token holder dividends. INDX can now start the process of minting and distributing SWARM’s SRC20 tokens to their investors. In the meantime, INDX will now start to deploy capital into a pilot fund to accrue dividends and build the track record necessary to attract further investment.

View the INDX Capital investment opportunity.

Video shows you how to get involved in SWARM Network Governance.

SWARM encourages all community members to get actively involved in SWARM network governance.

To make members familiar with what that entails, SWARM Community Member Jazzwall posted a short video in which he covers the main concepts of SWARM Network Governance and the different ways you can create and submit governance action proposals. He also directs viewers to available resources for more information.

Watch the video
View the guide to SWARM Network Governance

SWARM conducts payouts to live Masternodes — and has made it easy for operators to claim them.

On September 2, SWARM paid out a total of 208,333 SWM in rewards for the month of August 2019 to 300 masternodes as part of the incentive program it launched last year. Masternode operators can now conveniently claim these rewards via the masternode dashboard. Simply sign in with MetaMask and click the Claim Rewards button to get yours. You might notice that the claim process is now even smoother and the status of payments refreshes automatically! In total, SWARM has now distributed 2,372,695.30 SWM to masternode operators.

Interested in running a SWARM Masternode?

Check out the SWARM Masternodes website for details.


SWARM-Copper partnership referenced in Finance Magnate article.

When crypto custodian services Copper announced that it had processed crypto-transactions worth more than $500 million on its platform since its launch in June, Finance Magnates was among the first publications to report it. The article covers how Copper has revamped the security protocols of its custodial service by adding “military-grade optical air-gapping” to ensure complete security of an offline repository of asset owners’ shared keys, during the transaction signing process. It also references how SWARM has been partnered with Copper since May for the custody needs of the SWARM community.

Read Finance Magnate’s update on Copper.

Then check out their coverage of the SWARM-Copper partnership.

STOcheck features Philipp Pieper talking about his vision for democratizing the financial world.

STOcheck — the ultimate Guide for Security Tokens — published an interview with SWARM Co-founder and Council Member Philipp Pieper, in which he shared his vision for democratizing the financial world in general, and elaborates on SWARM’s role in this process. As Philipp says, “We have been shipping product for nearly two years, have had millions of dollars transact on our tech, and are decentralized — with over 340 live masternodes and the SWARM council overseeing the activities of the network. This puts us in a very small group of projects in crypto and we take that very seriously.”

Read the interview.

Blocklike interviews Philipp Pieper about lowering barriers to entry for STOs.

In the interview with Blocklike, SWARM co-founder Philipp Pieper answers questions ranging from “What is the biggest advantage of SWARM?” to “What does SWARM think of the Asia market?”. In the interview Philipp also touched on why the SWARM platform is so appealing to security token issuers. He comments, “When we introduced a blockchain agnostic approach — where issuers can deploy on any chain (and in future can run one digital asset across different chains) we heard many sighs of relief. Our approach meant they didn’t have to answer the question of where the best liquidity or security may be in the future. Instead, they can react to it when the time comes and with higher confidence”.

Read the interview.


SWARM product team answered community questions in August 14 Telegram AMA.

On August 14, the SWARM community had direct access to SWARM’s product team, which hosted a live AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Telegram. SWARM’s Sam Stone, Aaron Wood, and Alexander Lieders answered a wide range of questions varying from “How do Investor Pass & MAP work?” to “When should we expect a mobile App?” and “Could we have some clarity on how the foundation’s tokens can be used?”.

Find the team’s answers to these and other questions in this summary of SWARM’s product AMA.

Blog: We build product (not hype).

In a recent blog, SWARM is offering an accounting of its product progress so far in 2019. It’s an impressive list that includes updates on SWARM Masternodes, Investor Pass (now live), a system of certificates that can be re-utilized as proof-of-qualification on any STO, MAP (Market Access Protocol), Security Token Offerings, KYC backend, the SRC20 token, and SWARM Network Governance.

Read the blog for a complete overview of these updates.

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