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🔥 Major SRC20 upgrade. Premium service provider Swarm Capital launches. SWARM App for self-serve token issuance now LIVE.

Vivian Jane
Oct 25, 2019 · 5 min read
Named for the open source infrastructure that powers it, the SWARM App enables anyone who wants to represent an asset as a digital security to create and issue fully regulatory compliant SRC20 security tokens.

Core team members from SWARM launch Swarm Capital, a premium service provider for digitizing assets

Swarm Capital enables businesses to compliantly issue digital securities to their customers. Formed by core team members of SWARM, Swarm Capital is putting the power of digital securities on the blockchain into the hands of issuers and service firms. Swarm Capital leverages the SWARM Protocol — an open, regulatory compliant infrastructure for digital securities — and combines it with simple-to-use tools to create a la carte and white-label services. Examples are Investor Pass for investor onboarding, Earlybird for plug & play investor prospecting, SWARM App for self-serve issuance/tokenization, and Blackbird for white-label concierge issuance services. Other service providers should consider using nonprofit SWARM’s free and open infrastructure to build their own businesses.

For more information: check out Swarm Capital on the web, and the blog Announcing Swarm Capital

Siemens uses Swarm Capital to enable employees to fund an energy project in Africa

Swarm Capital has announced a partnership with Siemens. Europe’s largest manufacturing company will be using Swarm Capital’s white-label funding infrastructure for a sustainable energy project in Africa. Details about the partnership are forthcoming.

For more information: check out the Swarm Capital website and read Siemens partners with Swarm Capital on energy projects (blog).

Positioning of SWARM and Swarm Capital explained

SWARM and Swarm Capital are two distinct and entirely separate entities. The fact that the companies share similar names and logos may be a bit confusing. In his blog Non-profit open source infrastructure vs for-profit issuance platforms”, community member Alex Bruce lays out the differences between the two. In the article, he compares SWARM to the non-profit, open-source rails that connect security tokens with service providers, exchanges and institutions, and Swarm Capital to one of the many for-profit trains that will be running on these rails. Unlike SWARM, Swarm Capital is a for-profit business that offers a full suite of premium services on top of SWARM.

For more information: read the blog and check out SWARM and Swarm Capital websites.

SWARM launches upgraded suite of smart contracts to enable self-serve for asset tokenization.

SWARM has released a set of smart contracts that enable the tokenization and regulatory compliant trading of any asset using SWARM’s stake-to-issue model. This upgrade to SWARM’s SRC20 security token standard is completely open source and permissionless. Issuers can use these contracts as-is to tokenize any asset, and manage tokens using Etherscan’s open Dapp UI. What’s more — developers, securities consultants, advisories, service providers, and essentially anyone who wants to build a white-label tokenization solution can build on top of these smart contracts. Swarm Capital, for example, has built the SWARM App that leverages these smart contracts to empower issuers to launch their regulatory-compliant tokens.

For more information: Major upgrade to SWARM’s suite of smart contracts and Swarm Capital launches SWARM App.

Swarm Capital has introduced its self-serve tokenization tool. In easy to follow steps, the SWARM app guides token issuers through the process of defining, configuring, minting, and issuing security tokens.

New SWARM App lets you issue your own regulatory compliant security tokens

Swarm Capital has introduced its self-serve tokenization tool. Named for the open source infrastructure that powers it, the SWARM App enables anyone who wants to represent an asset as a digital security to create and issue fully regulatory compliant SRC20 security tokens. In easy to follow steps, the SWARM app guides token issuers through the process of defining, configuring, minting, and issuing security tokens. It starts with staking SWM tokens into a smart contract, which can then be retrieved with the security token burn function included in the smart contract. Token issuers can deploy their tokens to a secure Ethereum testnet (Ropsten), before deploying them to the Ethereum mainnet.

For more information: see the SWARM App
Also: Swarm Capital launches SWARM App and Major upgrade to SWARM’s suite of smart contracts

SWARM conducts payouts to live Masternodes — and has made it easy for operators to claim them.

On October 4, SWARM paid out a total of 156,250 SWM in rewards for the month of September 2019 to 340 masternodes as part of the incentive program it launched last year. Masternode operators can now conveniently claim these rewards via the masternode dashboard. Simply sign in with MetaMask and click the Claim Rewards button to get yours. You might notice that the claim process is now even smoother and the status of payments refreshes automatically! In total, SWARM has now distributed 2,542,847+ SWM to masternode operators.

Interested in running a SWARM Masternode? Check out the SWARM Masternodes website for details.

SWARM ranked among the top 5 security tokens by Altcoin Buzz

In its article “Understanding Security Tokens: Top 5 Security Tokens” AltCoin Buzz reviews and ranks the projects it deems future game-changers. The publisher ranks SWARM at number 3 and covers SWARM’s notable features, such as the open tokenization infrastructure (token creation, configuration, fundraising, and issuance are easy and free), the Market Access Protocol (a security token protocol focused on interoperability), the SWARM Masternodes (that establish a secure, trusted network infrastructure) and SWARM’s SRC20 protocol (a cryptographic standard for security tokens to tokenize assets). AltCoin Buzz is convinced the adoption of security tokens is imminent and will transform the way we raise and invest in money.

Securities.io praises SWARM’s agreement with Siemens

In his Securities.io article “Siemens to Tackle Green Energy with Swarm Capital” Joshua Stoner comments on the announcement that Siemens will rely on SWARM to develop an efficient, and effective, solution to facilitate the funding of energy projects in Africa. He considers it good news, “Not only does it mark continued early adoption of Swarm Capital, but also the entrance of a global titan of industry in Siemens, into the world of blockchain”.

Read the full article. Also see Green Energy with Swarm Capital (article in Industry Global News 24).

SWARM’s Timo Lehes explores opportunities for new DeFi apps at Korea Blockchain week

The Korean market is picking up on DeFi (Decentralized Finance) applications. SWARM co-founder and council member Timo Lehes attended Korea Blockchain week in Seoul last month. SWARM’s decentralized infrastructure provides a great foundation for DeFi building blocks, such as stable coins. Along with SWARM partner MakerDAO and select Crypto Investment Funds, Timo explored the opportunities to take new DeFi applications to the Korean market.

Meet Philipp Pieper at the Turkey Capital Markets Conference November 19 in Istanbul.

SWARM and Swarm Capital co-founder Philipp Pieper will join a panel of experts discussing cryptocurrency, tokenization, and how these new technologies will disrupt and democratize traditional high finance. The panel will be held from 15:40–16:40 TRT on November 19.

For details, check out the conference on the the web.

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