SWARM Intelligence #31

SWARM Network Celebrates 400th Masternode 🎉 🍾

Vivian Jane
Dec 6, 2019 · 5 min read

SWARM community activates 400th Masternode

SWARM’s dream of creating a decentralized infrastructure that democratizes finance, is slowly and steadily becoming a reality. We’re proud and excited to report that you — the SWARM community — have activated your 400th SWARM Masternode. Masternode operators are in the driver’s seat, and have a say in how the network operated and evolves. In return they receive monthly pay-outs for their efforts.

Interested in running a SWARM Masternode? Please check the SWARM Masternode website for details and sign up today.

SWARM conducts payouts to Masternode operators

On December 3rd, SWARM paid out a total of 156,250 SWM in rewards for the month of November 2019 to the operators of 400 SWM masternodes. These operators can now conveniently claim these rewards via the masternode dashboard. Simply sign in with MetaMask and click the Claim Rewards button to get yours. In total, SWARM has now distributed 2,851,172‬ SWM to masternode operators.
Interested in running a SWARM Masternode? Check out the SWARM Masternodes website for details.

SWARM community can now swap their ERC20 tokens on Uniswap

SWARM established presence on Uniswap, a protocol for automated token exchange on Ethereum. By eliminating unnecessary forms of rent extraction and middlemen Uniswap allows a faster, more efficient exchange. There is no central token or platform fee and no special treatment is given to early investors, adopters, or developers. Just like SWARM Uniswap is committed to free and decentralized asset exchange.

For more information read Uniswap — A Unique Exchange and visit SWARM on the Uniswap exchange.

Adding SWM to MetaMask has never been easier

Adding SWM to a MetaMask wallet hasn’t been very intuitive. Metamask does not display the SWM token automatically, so until now, SWM token holders have been required to add it as a custom token.

Not anymore. To make it easier on you, SWARM has created a simple widget that will add the token for you.

Go to swm.by/Metamask and click ‘Watch in Wallet’. Do this for each Metamask wallet holding SWM. That’s it!

Stay savvy with SWARM’s Telegram channel

When was the last time you logged on to SWARM’s Telegram channel? We encourage you to join Telegram and check in often, as this is where the most active and knowledgeable community members hang out. Our Telegram channel is a great place to ask questions, share ideas, and read up on expert opinions about the latest developments in the fintech industry. There is no better place to stay ‘in the know’.

Danny wondered how he could educate himself about tokenization and energy.

Within minutes he received the following answer from @TokenAddict: “Benefits of tokenisation for energy projects and distributed energy resources are not really that much different to the benefits for any potential STO. Transparency, revenue distribution, facilitate liquidity, governance and fundraising etc… all common shared benefits across a growing STO space. Lots of other use cases, like tokenising positions possibly for PPA’s (power purchase agreements) or tokenising certificates of carbon and green energy certificates, and of course debt/bonds are another common area.

Blockchain itself will enable more P2P trading of energy at smaller scale level but also enable better speed/transparency for large incumbents, already being used by many large utilities or in pilot stages for same — so it won’t just be STOs that utilize blockchain. [Energy] will IMHO be a great space for Swarm, we already have other energy projects coming to Swarm beside the Siemens announcement and can build a real strong position in the space”

Join the SWARM community on Telegram today.

Earlybird gains traction among fund managers

Since its launch in October, over a dozen issuers have signed up for SWARM Capital’s Earlybird tool. Among them names like tTREp, Intercoin, and Robinhood Casino. They are now using Earlybird to generate leads for their Security Token Offering (STO). The tool is linked to from their website and form their Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Their prospects (potential investors) use Earlybird to sign up for updates and signal their interest in the individual STOs. While these investors keep full control of their personal data (with Investor Pass), fund managers gather valuable insights through customized questionnaires that help them make informed decisions for their STOs.

Learn about these Earlybird use cases.

Interested? Get EarlyBird — and start communicating with your investor base today.


Meet SWARM’s Aaron Wood at the Business Fundraising 101: 21st Century Fundraising for Black Business Virtual Summit.

SWARM’s Aaron Wood joins a lineup of national experts for a virtual conference addressing opportunity zones, crowdfunding & the JOBS Act, tokenization of assets, and the new technology poised to upend the ways we access capital.

Watch Aaron’s interview on fundraising with SWARM, and enjoy the rest of the conference content at your own pace by registering here.

The JOBS Act passed in 2012, and the way businesses could raise funds changed forever. In 2018, the United States government increased access to capital via Opportunity Zones. But what’s really happening on the ground and how do we take advantage of these news laws?

Sponsored by The Center for Blockchain Studies and Black Blockchain Consultants, Business Fundraising 101: 21st Century Fundraising for Black Businesses aims to give attendees practical information they can use immediately to raise funds for their business, and also tell them where fundraising is headed as technology advances.

Watch a preview of Aaron’s interview.

Register here for 24/7/365 access to the whole interview and the rest of the conference content.

In November in Istanbul, SWARM and Swarm Capital co-founder Philipp Pieper joined a panel of experts discussing cryptocurrency, tokenization, and how these new technologies will disrupt and democratize traditional high finance at the Turkey Capital Markets Summit. He also gave an in-depth interview to Bloomberg while there.

For details, check out this year’s conference on the the web.

Philipp Pieper speaking on stage and interviewing with Bloomberg at the Turkish Capital Markets Summit in Istanbul.

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