Swarm v0.7 New Features and Updates

Guided by your feedback, the Swarm team has been working steadily to implement a number of new features and needed fixes to make collaborative investment even more seamless for the Swarm community. Today we’re excited to announce the release of the Swarm Asset Management Network v0.7.

Some highlights from our latest upgrade:

  1. SWM Wallet support: you are now able to withdraw and deposit SWM tokens
  2. SWM Airdrop flow: Qualified participants, including accredited US investors will now be able to claim their airdropped tokens (US investors will need to undergo KYC approval and accreditation)
  3. Updated token mechanics: While this will not affect our two inaugural investment opportunities, going forward, each IO added to the platform can be funded with multiple token types (e.g. SWM, BTC, ETH) — an essential upgrade to our infrastructure ensuring scalability both in volume and versatility.
  4. Starred IO feature: Mark your favorite investment opportunities with a star, enabling you to view your top picks in a central location.
  5. Discourse integration: Join the conversation at Swarm! Discourse is a fundamental pillar of automated governance. You will now be able to discuss Swarm governance ballots and non-binding opinion survey votes at https://discuss.swarm.fund
  6. Optimized coin price integration: Cryptocurrency prices are now updated in real-time based on input from multiple exchanges around the world.
  7. IO SUN deployment chart updated to fix scaling issues.

Additionally, we have made dozens of other UI/UX fixes and optimizations. Come check us out! https://swarm.fund

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