SWM Registration Promo Airdrop Details

Thank you for joining us to celebrate the Alpha release of the Swarm investment platform. Those of you that registered for an account during the week of January 29th through February 4th are the special qualifiers for the 100 SWM Token Airdrop.

Who is eligible:

Tokens will be awarded to all users who registered on the platform before midnight, February 4th, and who successfully complete KYC verification by March 18th.

How to claim your tokens:

To claim your airdrop, from February 28, go to https://swarm.fund, sign in to your account, and look for the “Claim Your AirDrop Tokens” button.

Click this and follow the instructions.

Pending successful completion of the KYC verification, you will see your airdropped tokens in your SWM Wallet. The final deadline for claiming your tokens is March 18th.

Coming Soon:

We are currently working on being able to invest with, deposit and withdraw SWM tokens within the platform, and will announce this as soon as it’s released.

If you feel you qualify but do not see the claim button after February 28, please get in touch us via the Intercom Support box in your account.

Thank you for participating,
Your friends at Swarm Fund

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