SWM Vision Q1, 2018

Where will we go?

While most in the crypto world are stuck in the ICO mindset, we raised enough last year and are going to deliver on our product promises throughout 2018. At Swarm, we have been working very hard these last few months on executing on our master vision to democratize finance.

On January 29th, we released the Swarm Asset Management Network (https://invest.swarm.fund), a decentralized blockchain solution that allows real world assets to be tokenized, syndicates to raise capital, and crypto holders to invest in these assets in a frictionless manner. This quarter, we are launching some heavy-hitting funds as purchasable tokens on the network, including: pre-IPO tech stocks (Uber, AirBnB, SpaceX), distressed real estate, solar, and crypto hedge funds.

Then, there is the whole element of utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence in the crypto hedge fund offerings. We are working with some of the most accomplished AI experts in the industry on this. The goal is to introduce market efficiencies both on the Swarm securities exchange, and the broader markets in general. We start delivering on this vision in February.

Imagine, the next time there is a “Black Tuesday”, you will have the ability to park your crypto into real assets, which happen to be far more stable than BitCoin and Ethereum, let alone the alt-coins.

Two decades ago, when the tech-bubble popped, only those with solid product and business models survived. Most ICO’s don’t have a proper product roadmap or even the slightest idea of what to do with the money they will raise (or have raised). 2018 might be the year they disappear. Those remaining will truly be bringing the paradigm shift that blockchain has promised.

Swarm will be the next Amazon. We are one of the most undervalued coins in the market given our plans and our roadmap. I suspect this won’t hit home until the 29th when anyone around the world can buy into Uber and AirBnB before they are available publicly.

VP Product and Operations