The Results are In.

SWARM Network Constitution ratified. New council members appointed.

Vivian Jane
Jun 26, 2019 · 2 min read

We are grateful for all the community members who participated in the latest round of SWARM governance ballots by casting, delegating, and discussing these votes. We are excited to share the results with you.

The outcomes are as follows.

Ballots concerning the adoption of new governance policies for the SWARM Network:

  • Approval of SWARM Network Policy for Issuance Staking — Passed (Yes 14,277,439, No 9,813,653)
  • Expansion of SWARM Council to 5 members — Passed (Yes 24,332,968, No 0)

Ballots concerning the appointment of candidates for the new open seats on the SWARM Council:

  • Zachary Perryman (15 months remaining term) — Voted in (Yes 24,180,635, No 11,007)
  • Richard Steward (12 months remaining term) — Voted in (Yes 23,692,336, No 150,001)

Two existing SWARM Council members continuing their current term are Timo Lehes (9 months remaining) and Philipp Pieper (6 months remaining).

Congratulations to the new SWARM Council appointees, and congratulations to the SWARM community as a whole for engaging and taking action. These decisions constitute a significant step along the continuing path of self-governance and self-reliance for the SWARM Network.

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