The Rundown on What’s Up

Vivian Jane
Aug 1, 2019 · 3 min read

SWARM has been hard at work improving and building infrastructure and tools for our community of investors and issuers. Here is a taste of what we have been developing and are planning to launch soon.

The SWARM Masternode dashboard provides a comprehensive view of each individual node, as well as the bigger picture.

Masternode Dashboard

The SWARM Masternode dashboard has new metrics for operators to track.

Network-level Metrics

  • All-time distributed rewards
  • Current Annual ROI (in SWM)

Node-level metrics

  • Current Status
  • Period up-time
  • Network Contribution
  • Rewards History
  • Payout History

Masternode Distribution Reward Contact

This smart contract allows masternode operators to view their earned rewards, and to be able to instantly claim them, at any time, using MetaMask. This is live now.

Log in with MetaMask

Operators now have the ability to log into their SWARM Masternode account using MetaMask, and soon will be able to claim rewards from there.

Standalone Investor Pass

At the moment, Investor Pass users must manage their data through the onboarding app at the time they register for an STO. In a few weeks, we expect to launch the first version of a standalone Investor Pass will allow investors to manage their data through a web app.

Investor Pass SDK

We are working on the Investor Pass SDK so any token issuer can embed it on their website and start accepting investors to their STO directly. This will enable an issuer to allow people with an Investor Pass to access a simplified login flow with their Investor Pass account (similar to logging into a new website with your social media or Google account), and immediately access their details to determine if they qualify for the sale. (We are particularly excited about this, as we are seeing a LOT of interest for this product).

Self-Service Tokenization

We have nearly finalized the feature list for SWARM’s self serve STO platform. We have yet to estimate the time it will take to build with all the features we want — but expect to see an ETA soon. We need to find a nice compromise between time to build and features to add.


We have been approached by many projects wanting to launch their STO with SWARM’s technology. As usual, the reception to what we are doing is very positive, and this motivates us to work even harder to help get all of these projects off the ground. Specifically, we expect the aforementioned self-service STO tool to empower many more issuers to tokenize and launch their own regulatory compliant offering with our open infrastructure.

Stay tuned…

We are thrilled and inspired by the enthusiasm and support of our amazing community as we hunker down and crank out product. Look out for announcements specific to governance and new ways to engage with the SWARM Network coming soon. As always, we encourage you to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with all the latest as it happens.



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