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Aug 21, 2019 · 4 min read

At SWARM, we tend to announce our actual accomplishments instead of creating splashy marketing campaigns around our assorted aspirations.

What can we say? Simply put, we value your attention.

Compared to other projects, we realize that our approach could leave a casual observer with the impression that we are in a state of quiescence, rather than just quietly working. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The last six months in particular have been a period of intense development and production. So, we’ve prepared an accounting of our product progress so far in 2019.

We build our open source tools and infrastructure for token issuers, investors, and other builders, and our highly engaged community is always eager to hear details about the latest developments and statuses of promised products and features. However, the number of people putting the spotlight on DLT, DeFi, and digitized assets is growing all the time.

What can you do to help us keep focused on building? Spread the word! Tell your friends, followers, other like minded communities, your favorite newsletters, and writers who cover builders.

Our SWARM Masternode dashboards are all completely mobile compatible.

SWARM Masternodes

  • We built a smart contract that enables SWARM Masternode operators to claim their rewards via MetaMask
  • We built a systems dashboard for everyone to be able to observe masternode performance.
  • We built a personal dashboard for individual masternode operators to log into.
  • This is all desktop and mobile responsive.
  • We created instructions empowering any community member to successfully set up their own masternode(s).
  • Our SWARM community reliably took those instructions and created a how-to video, making it easier than ever to spin up a node and help SWARM build the decentralized financial platform of tomorrow.
In its simplest form, you can think of Investor Pass as an account that stores and manages your personal data, and is used to qualify you to participate in digital asset token sales.

Investor Pass

  • We have built a system prioritizing data sovereignty — empowering individuals to control their own personal data through what we call a Vault.
  • We have built a system enabling users to send that personal data to a qualification provider to obtain what we call certificates.


  • We have built a backend system to manage these certificates and issue them.
  • We have standardized the way these are structured and how they are issued on a decentralized ledger that we call Market Access Protocol (MAP).

MAP: Market Access Protocol

Security Token Offerings

  • We have built an onboarding flow for these STOs that utilizes Investor Pass as an authentication system (i.e. INDX & Resolute)
  • We have built a form input system that generates certificate requests sent to a qualification provider to issue certificates on MAP for these two STOs — thus further trialling MAP in the wild.
  • We have built an investor payment system integrated with a custodial solution offering institutional grade custody.
  • We have enabled the option for investors to participate in STOs with fiat currencies, and issuers to track fiat payments.
  • We have built an investor dashboard so they can keep track of their investments as well as the general status of STOs.
  • We have built a token issuer dashboard so they can keep track of every investor and potential investor.
  • All this is white labeled and designed to respond to a mobile experience.

KYC backend

  • This platform utilizes our concept of certificates and issues these certificates on MAP.
  • We have built a system that keeps track of each KYC request and manages communication between token issuer and investor

Security Token


  • We have conceptualized and documented how to submit proposals.
  • The community has voted several times on important issues.


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