The Swash DAO is now open to member proposals!

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As of May 17th 2023, the Swash DAO has opened its doors to community proposals so Swash members will be able to cast their vote. Exciting times ahead!

Having launched earlier this year, the Swash DAO has been a long-anticipated release to all members of the Swash community.

With the proposals suggested by the Swash team passing through with flying colours, it is about time we cranked it up a notch and opened up the floor to member proposals.

Good news; as of May 17th 2023, the Swash DAO has opened its doors to community proposals so Swash members will be able to cast their vote. Exciting times ahead!

So, how can you submit your idea?

The steps you’ll need to take to propose are not too dissimilar to the steps involved in the voting process.

Simply visit the Swash DAO and navigate towards the ‘new proposal’ tab within the menu list.

You will be required to connect your wallet in order to submit your proposal. Give your idea a name, provide all necessary details in the description, then pick the voting system and period. Once submitted, the proposal will be put up to a token-based vote by other DAO members.

Please note: As we aim to ensure all proposals come from loyal members that have Swash’s best interest and growth in mind, there is a requirement to hold a minimum balance of 25,000 $SWASH in order to be able to submit your ideas.

To clarify — the 25,000 $SWASH balance needs to be held on the wallet used to connect to the Swash DAO and is a minimum balance required to be held at the time of the wallet snapshot. No tokens will be taken in order to submit a proposal and as long as you hold the minimum balance required, you can submit as many proposals as you want.

The Swash DAO will remain indefinitely open to members’ proposals. All of our DAO-related discussions take place over at the Swash Discord, so if you haven’t already — come on in and join the conversation!

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