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Unveiling Swash Smoke: Community-driven mechanisms to burn 10% of the total $SWASH supply🔥

To get $SWASH into the top 200 tokens by Q4 2022, and drive value back to ecosystem stakeholders, Swash is giving community members the power to launch an array of token burn campaigns, kickstart the Swash DAO, and propel the Swash movement to new heights.

🚀 What to expect

  • Scale up the Swash community through tokenomics-based incentives
  • Enable the community to impact the performance of the Swash token
  • Drive value to ecosystem stakeholders
  • Supercharge new product releases and return their generated value to strengthen the Swash token
  • Kickstart the Swash DAO

A closer look at Swash Smoke token burn campaigns

🌋 User Growth Burn: Heating up Swash app community growth by burning 30M $SWASH

💸 Ecosystem Revenue burn: 40M $SWASH to be repurchased from project earnings

👨‍🍳 Alternative Revenue burn: Baking-in burns for new revenue streams

🌐 DAO Ignition burn: Sparking the biggest DAO campaign in 2022

🐼 Donate-to-burn: Swash to match EVERY single Data for Good donation

🌊 Stake-Smoke: Maximising earnings with $SWASH staking

💰 What’s in it for me?

  • Join the Swash Data Union by installing the Swash app and inviting your friends to join and remain active for at least 30 days.
    This will not only help to grow the ecosystem, it will also activate the first token burn campaign. That means you will be earning $SWASH by joining the app, earning referral rewards by inviting others, and increasing the scarcity of the Swash token.
  • Participate in the Swash DAO Ignition competition when the program goes live. Not only will you be in for a chance to win the prize, but you will also be accepted as a Swash DAO member!
    By taking part in the Swash DAO Ignition campaign, you will also trigger the project team to burn more of their tokens, reducing the overall supply. Make sure to invite your friends to increase the prize pool
  • Donate to charity through the Swash app Data for Good feature for Swash to burn the equivalent to your donation
  • Stake your $SWASH in the upcoming native Swash pools to trigger Swash to burn the equivalent of 20% of the total amount staked in the upcoming native pools.
  • People share their data to earn while retaining their privacy.
  • Businesses access high-quality, zero-party data in a sustainable and compliant way.
  • Developers set up and build systems within a collaborative development framework with ease.



Swash makes more of what already is by providing an easy way to passively earn, innovate, and create a fairer world and better, more equitable internet.

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