7 key tips to negotiate with influencers

Feb 12, 2020 · 3 min read
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#1. Ask for the metrics

Before working with an influencer, you need to know their real reach, the origin of their followers, ages… and only the owner of the profile has access to that data.

If they make an excuse, or do not agree to share this information, distrust!

#2. Analyze their answers

Do they seem to like your product? Do you feel they want to do it only for money? Do they negotiate very aggressively? Are they on the defensive?

If so, our advice is that you better collaborate with a profile more aligned with your needs.

When an influencer does not believe in the product he promotes, it shows somehow, and the results are often disastrous.

#3. Always negotiate the fee

Unlike mass media media, influencers do not have public nor fixed rates for each type of collaboration.

This means that prices for the same service vary depending on the brand, the time of year, and the motivation of the prescriber to do what you the collaboration.

Also, it means that there are no set prices, and that you can haggle a bit. For this reason, we recommend to not disclose the whole budget on the first contact you have with them.

This way you will have room to negotiate when they make you a counter offer (which they will surely do!)

#4. Sign a contract

Always leave in writing the type of content appointed, the specifications (creativity, hashtags, texts), the publication dates, the price and the payment terms.

This way, both parties will be confident of the agreement you are consenting.

#5. Review the content before posting

You are the customer and therefore, you must be pleased with the content.

Before publishing, you must make sure that the publication complies with the contract, and that it includes all the agreed elements.

#6. Leave space for creativity

If you are doing a marketing campaign with influencers, is because you believe in their good work. A good prescriber is creative, they know what their followers like very well. Take advantage of this knowledge, and let them make a proposition on how will they present the brand… maybe they have a wonderful idea that had not occurred to you!

#7. Track the results

Whether it’s a post with URL or a post in their feed of Instagram, your job is to analyze the impact that each collaboration has had.

In the 24–72h after each publication, you must measure the number of new followers, web visits, purchases, new subscribers … to objectively assess how the action worked.

We hope you are able to apply these tips on your influencer marketing negotations :)

If you need support with influencers management, contact us and we will take care of everything. In Sway Map we design campaigns with influencers using our Big Data software, so our clients only work with profiles that really fit their values.


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