Flamingueo: How to use social media to make your followers love you

Feb 6, 2020 · 3 min read

Some brands live a golden moment, and after being up high, they disappear. This is not the case for Flamingueo. For those who do not know them, it is a brand that was born by selling maxi floats. For a while, they were protagonists of some of the coolest Instagram photos … and when the heat weared off, they were able to reinvent themselves by expanding their product range and taking advantage of the notoriety they had achieved so far.

Social media has been the foundation in Flamingueo’s strategy, so let’s study the key steps that made them succeed.

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1. Flamingueo uses aspirational images, easy to recreate

The company has perfectly understood Instagram’s language and always uses aspirational images to convey its messages. This, which may seem basic, is one of the biggest mistakes brands make in social media. It is not about works of art or super productions, instead, images similar to those that his followers could create, but a little better. This way, the user feels that the brand is aligned with an achievable lifestyle.

2. The Community Manager speaks in first person and asks for constant interaction

Their Community Manager speaks in first person, as if they were an influencer or a friend. This guarantees empathy and closeness with the brand. The constant use of calls of action, encourages its followers to interact.

3. They work with medium-sized influencers

They have worked with influencers of all kinds, but the strategy that they repeat over time is to collaborate with medium profiles. The key is that these types of prescribers usually have a good reach, reasonable fees, and therefore, it is relatively easy to get a good return on investment (ROI).

4. They educate their followers on how to photograph the product.

They offer you valuable tools and tips: how to edit photos, exclusive filters… they are aware of the follower’s concern to offer their best content in media, and use this interest to infuse loyalty

5. Users are their allies.

They publish images of users who are not influencers, but create quality content. By posting these types of photos, they are encouraging their fans to create content, and reinforce their brand image with a positive boost.


We hope you are able to apply these tips on your social media strategy, and that these give you as good results as Flamingueo. Our recommendation is that you do not follow them to the letter, but adapt their content to the reality of your profile, and the marketing objectives you want to achieve.

If you need support with influencers management, contact us and we will take care of everything. In Sway Map we design campaigns with influencers using our Big Data software, so our clients only work with profiles that really fit their values.


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