What is an influencer? And other questions you have always asked yourself

Aug 23, 2019 · 2 min read

Influencers have been popping up in all sort of conversations for years now. Directly or not, they condition our decisions. Do you really think everyone is buying the same sneakers by chance?

Today we have decided to answer some questions that will help you understand the marketing influencer business a little further.

What is an influencer?

It is a persona which creates online content emphasizing in a certain subject. He/she has a community of followers and more often than not, works in paid collaborations with brands.

Is it necessary to be an expert in a certain subject to be an influencer?

Not at all, in fact one type of content that works very well is to share the influencer´s journey while they learn something new.

For example, when an influencer is going to become a mom, they share the process of the pregnancy. Users follow them because they empathize with that vital moment instead of their expertise on the subject.

How many followers are needed to become an influencer?

We consider that to be an influencer (or rather, a micro influencer) it is necessary to have at least 10K followers.

In any case, this is not a precise rule and it will depend on the social network and sector.

How much does an influencer charge?

This in the million-dollar question and the answer is… DEPENDS. Influencers do not have a fixed rate. In fact, a profile can charge a brand 3.000€ and at the same time, work for another brand for free.

How many followers are needed to become a profitable influencer?

Usually, influencers need between 20K to 30K to participate in paid collaborations. Once an influencer has reached 80K- 100K one can assume this lifestyle is a full-time job.

How to be an influencer?

There is a tendency pointing that the future belongs with the micro influencers because they are more credible than big ones.

To become a micro influencer is not only necessary to be passionate about a topic, but also having sensibility and ability to understand your followers’ preferences. In addition, much time is dedicated (hours on end) in creating content and interacting with other profiles.

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Swaymap analyses big data from influencers and brands…


Swaymap analyses big data from influencers and brands worldwide


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Swaymap analyses big data from influencers and brands worldwide.


Swaymap analyses big data from influencers and brands worldwide