Inside Swazm — The Team Effort Behind the RED Platform

Denisa Paslaru
Oct 3 · 3 min read

“The fastest-growing private energy company in the European Union has released important updates regarding the migration of the RED-Platform to a new blockchain.” — This is how 2019 started for us. We’ve been working ever since.

Starting the Collaboration

“Therefore, it is our pleasure to present our newest partner: SWAZM — a blockchain infrastructure platform designed specifically for the distribution, management, and scalability of decentralized applications.

They say that collaboration is the start of progress. You can achieve anything even as a stand-alone business, but the best results are achieved when partnering with like-minded companies that also have the skills that are needed to bring your ideas and projects to life. Such is the common journey we started almost a year ago with RESTART ENERGY.

The common goal was using blockchain technology to build a decentralized platform that aided enterprise business goals. Acting on our mission to provide a turnkey infrastructure solution to revolutionary projects, we were more than pleased to work alongside RESTART ENERGY to build the peer-to-peer system meant to democratize energy consumption.

Bringing the RED idea to Life

“SWAZM provides the fastest blockchain infrastructure, with 200,000 Tx/Sec, which allows up to 60 million energy meters to be read every 5 minutes on the blockchain. This capability is set to bring more transparency to the energy industry and help support the increase of renewable energy production, thus reducing CO2 emissions.”

The RED Platform was our first client and development project. Our task was to build a fully-operational blockchain structure, meant to sustain a growing network of energy consumers, producers, and the hybrid, prosumers. As you may already know, Restart Energy is moving towards democratizing the global energy market with the RED Platform. RED will enable consumers to become prosumers powered by solar energy, both increasing energy independence and helping decrease their carbon footprint.

“Restart Energy is the first energy supplier in Europe to accept Bitcoin. Restart Energy has created a system able to decentralize energy consumption and production, efficientize costs and provide a more sustainable energy expenditure, by making use of residual sources and encouraging users to choose renewable energy sources.”

Ever since inception, our teams have worked in synergy, bringing together energy industry know-how, software development, design, and communications, all aiming to exponentially push forward the project that will change the paradigm for the way we consume, produce and trade energy.

Slowly but surely, the platform began to take shape, moving through several iterations, countless meetings, late nights, but also the results we were all looking forward to. As the technology was being built, our community was also welcoming more and more members. People were there to support us, offer their feedback and wait for the official launch.

Ever since we launched the RED Platform, our community has shown its support. We have talked about this before, in previous articles, but as in all partnerships, the contributing parts sustain each other. Given the large amount of questions we have received regarding the operational aspects or details of the RED Platform, lead us to compile a series of articles providing the community with all the necessary answers in order to have the best user experience within our platform.

As for the RED Platform itself, we are currently during the staking period, process of which we’ve written extensively here, here and here. Managing the client support and all the back-end adjustments is part of the daily tasks for the SWAZM team. We are working constantly on delivering the best experience and functionality possible for all our users. Speaking of users, we are more than grateful to receive your feedback, as this adds another layer of significance for all our work. What we build matters to you, the people that joined the RED Platform. Thank you for all of your support!

From us to you… the hero brands and individuals of this world we live in! We’re empowering decentralization. Come join us on Telegram, connect on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, visit our website and find out how can we best help your business operations.

About Swazm

SWAZM is the next-generation decentralized storage and compute platform, designed to enable horizontal scaling of distributed applications. SWAZM facilitates effective decentralization by creating a new complete infrastructure solution with a reliable transfer network, storage capabilities, and compute containers. Tailored solutions aiming to improve your decentralized project.


SWAZM is the Next-Generation Decentralized Storage and Computing Platform.

Denisa Paslaru

Written by

Junior Copywriter at SWAZM



SWAZM is the Next-Generation Decentralized Storage and Computing Platform.

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