Startups, Tech and Digital — SWAZM Takeaways From How To Web 2019

Denisa Paslaru
Nov 8 · 3 min read
We learn by listening to stories. SWAZM pitched a better, decentralized future. Are you with us?

Two Days of Inspiration, Knowledge and Insightful Presentations

Growth usually happens through lessons and experience. We learn the most whenever we are exposed to situations where we can use our skills, interact with likeminded people and exchange useful information. As in life, so it is in the startup tech world. The last two days of October brought us to How To Web, the leading European startup and technology conference.

“How to Web showcases the startup methods, tactics, and mindset to help you build better tech & digital products and faster growth.” (source)

The event took place at the Face Convention Center, gathering under the same roof experts who contributed to the development of tech products and businesses worldwide, like Sean Ellis (founder of the Growth Hacking Movement), Bob Modesta (President and CEO of Re-Wired Group), April Dunford (CEO Ambient Strategy). We enjoyed insightful presentations from over 50 other experts from companies like, Google, Dropbox, and Shopify.

Startup Spotlight 2019 Semi-Finalists and Not Your Usual Pitch Presentation

We were honored and excited to be part of the 20 Startup Spotlight semifinalists! The weeks before the event, we brainstormed the story that will best showcase what SWAZM is all about. The final presentation pictured our IaaS as the blockchain world hero, fighting for the vision of empowering decentralization. Working to provide a more sustainable blockchain platform, making use of idle CPU power, reducing server costs and energy waste.

Our pitch zoned-in on the need to optimize the way we use compute power, how we redistribute storage and hosting resources. People were pleasantly surprised, as it was not your average pitch presentation. And it was inspired by our ethos. At SWAZM, we aim to do things differently, better, more sustainable. We are here to help amazing projects come to life using emerging tech like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

To make our vision come true, we are constantly partnering with like-minded and similar-focused companies, working together to bring you the best and the simplest possible solutions for your decentralized and/or enterprise, developer projects. We believe in the gradual build of a new Internet, truly following the steps of its inventors. A peer-to-peer space, where we can all come together to build a better place for future generations.

Visions are focus-points that guide actions, and although we know these things may not be totally achieved anytime soon, we are willing to work at it daily. Because companies are meant to come up with solutions to world problems. Because we believe. Are you with us? Come join the SWAZM!

From us to you… the hero brands and individuals of this world we live in! We’re empowering decentralization. Come join us on Telegram, connect on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, visit our website and find out how can we best help your business operations. Become a part of the SWAZM culture.

About How To Web

How to Web is a leading European startup & tech conference, where 1000+ founders and startup-minded operators and developers gather to get inspiration, knowledge, and opportunities. Started in 2010, How to Web is one of the earliest influential startup European events, which has accelerated the adoption of the startup culture in CEE & Romania. More details are available on the conference website


SWAZM is the next-generation decentralized storage and compute platform, designed to enable horizontal scaling of distributed applications. SWAZM facilitates effective decentralization by creating a new complete infrastructure solution with a reliable transfer network, storage capabilities, and compute containers. Tailored solutions aiming to improve your decentralized project.


SWAZM is the Next-Generation Decentralized Storage and Computing Platform.

Denisa Paslaru

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Junior Copywriter at SWAZM



SWAZM is the Next-Generation Decentralized Storage and Computing Platform.

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