SWAZM — The Road to Making Blockchain Mainstream

Denisa Paslaru
Sep 17 · 4 min read

Every great story revolves around a hero’s journey to self-discovery and solving a conflict happening inside its immediate world. And every Hero has a wise and skilled advisor, contributing to the Hero’s transformation. Like-wise, blockchain technologies appeared to support a financial revolution, aimed to solve the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Today we talk about SWAZM, and our journey towards blockchain mainstream adoption, helping paradigm-changing projects come to life.

It all started in 2013…

The Entrepreneurial Journey & SWAZM’s Vision for a New and Improved Internet

Entrepreneurs are defined by their will to change the world into a better place than they found it. They identify a gap in the market and aim to bring about means to evolve a process, improve a technology, moving things forward.

SWAZM began as a wish to have a viable and faster data streaming solution given the limited condition existing at the time, back in 2013. Since that initial spark and the official launch in 2018, a lot of hard work and dedication have been put to work. But the journey didn’t stop last year.

As with all visionary projects, it never does. For entrepreneurs, companies are the tools they use to develop and spread change in the area they desire. It all comes from passion, skill, and a trailblazing attitude.

At SWAZM, we imagine a world where anyone can ideate, develop and scale life-changing decentralized projects (or Dapps — decentralized applications). A world for a new Internet, with decentralized applications built upon a blockchain infrastructure that allows powerful processing speeds, larger storage spaces and monetizes any unused compute power, creating a global marketplace via the SWAZM token.

The Hero is Your Next Dapp Project — SWAZM is Your Blockchain Sidekick

How do you dream of changing the world? What are the tools that will help you achieve such a great plan? You may be a developer with a game-changing idea, or a business with a market-disruptive vision…

We’re here to help!

“When we created SWAZM, we wanted to offer a turnkey-solution for scaling any decentralized project.” (Vali Malinoiu, SWAZM Founder & CEO)

Firstly, blockchain is not a fix-all solution. Your idea may not be suited to use it as a means to an end. Blockchain does not automatically mean cryptocurrency or specifically Bitcoin. As a stand-alone technology, it doesn’t necessarily involve any notion of currency. At its core, it is a platform ready to sustain any app project aiming to have a shared database or operations system/workflow (it’s basically a distributed database).

So, if your operations need space for transactions and exchange of information without your company being the intermediary for all details, you could think of using a blockchain platform to develop your next project. It’s all about removing the gatekeepers and allowing direct collaboration between peers, working toward the common goal of the industry to which the project belongs to.

At SWAZM, we designed an IaaS solution thought as a distributed storage and computing power global marketplace. Its purpose is to eventually host the decentralized Internet of the future.

Meanwhile, we focus on providing the necessary infrastructure for Dapp development, growing so we can offer hosting for traditional web apps, decentralized storage space, low-latency and fast transfer rates for content delivery networks (i.e. video streaming, radio/podcasts, video surveillance, data streaming, etc).

The general aim is to create a more sustainable computing power usage, involving any latent data while growing the number of peer-to-peer networks centered around improving real-life socio-economic processes, building a better future for society as well as for us as individuals.

The Road to Making Blockchain Mainstream

The journey is only starting. The road to mainstream blockchain adoption comes slowly, adapting and improving business processes and encouraging trailblazing decentralized applications to come to life.

We are the first to cheering-on the development of new technologies, as we are also looking into machine learning and AI. As with all Hero journeys, the Sidekicks are equally passionate about resolving the existing conflict. The only aggression happening here is in the fierce dedication with which we want to bring about positive change leveraging blockchain technology.

From us to you… the hero brands and individuals of this world we live in! We’re empowering decentralization. Come join us on Telegram, connect on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, visit our website and find out how can we best help your business operations.

About Swazm

SWAZM is the next-generation decentralized storage and compute platform, designed to enable horizontal scaling of distributed applications. SWAZM facilitates effective decentralization by creating a new complete infrastructure solution with a reliable transfer network, storage capabilities, and compute containers. Tailored solutions aiming to improve your decentralized project.


SWAZM is the Next-Generation Decentralized Storage and Computing Platform.

Denisa Paslaru

Written by

Junior Copywriter at SWAZM



SWAZM is the Next-Generation Decentralized Storage and Computing Platform.

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