Why SWE Cheat Sheet?

Set cheat sheets free from the rules

Jackson Z.
Dec 3 · 1 min read
credit: Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels

Medium is a great platform for quality writings, but it doesn’t favor step-by-step tech posts, aka the cheat sheets.

As cheat sheets avoid click-bait titles and fancy content (on purpose), they (usually) miss curation and rank low, making them less discoverable to people who need them.

As suggested by Medium, posts should be self-contained.

Squeezing all cheat sheets on a topic into one post makes it distracting.

Splitting with an umbrella post to navigate aligns poorly with best practices.

  • Discoverable: SWE Cheat Sheet makes cheat sheets discoverable by collecting them in the same place.
  • Organized: SWE Cheat Sheet organizes cheat sheets by maintaining an always-on-top and up-to-date umbrella post.

Due to limited time and domain knowledge, we decided to focus on software engineering cheat sheets first.

Check out SWE Cheat Sheet here:

Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer.

SWE Cheat Sheet

A collection of useful cheat sheets for software engineers.

Jackson Z.

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Hold my boba, cuz I need to write code. Note: I write about new things I learn which can be machine learning, web/mobile development or other magic.

SWE Cheat Sheet

A collection of useful cheat sheets for software engineers.

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