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Sweat Hero roadmap

Sweat Hero closed Beta is underway! This is the first step in delivering a brand new, dynamic NFT game to Sweat Wallet.

Below is a description of the various phases of the roadmap.

Sweat Hero intro

For those who are new to the game, here are the basics.

Sweat Hero is a head-to-head game that allows users to compete against other users to win $SWEAT. The gameplay score is based on 1) your real life steps 2) the virtual steps you earn in the game with your NFT and 3) your NFT power.


Now — closed Beta

Beta means testing. The ‘closed’ means that a limited number of users can test the game — it is invite only.

For this phase, we are giving away a total of 1,500 places through Sweat Club events, and as a Reward in the app.

We will give awards — Sweat Merch, stablecoins and more — to Sweat Hero testers as an extra thank you for their engagement. During this period, we will reach out to users for feedback, and use this to make constant improvements to the experience.

A few things to note: users will battle against bots, not other users, because there is a limited number of users in closed Beta, which would make matchmaking hard. Also, the possible earnings during closed Beta will be reset once we release open Beta.

Q2 — open Beta

In open Beta, the game will be opened up to everyone. Users will also be able to battle against other people, including their friends.

This is also the stage at which users can earn $SWEAT by winning battles.

Q2 will signal the end of the Beta phase.

Q3 — game on

Between Q2 and Q3, users will be able to upgrade their Common Legs into an NFT if they reach Level 5 with a pair of Legs. Users will then be able to Level Up their NFTs, which will improve the NFTs attributes and appearance.

During these months, we will introduce Sweat Hero Arenas. These are different virtual spaces with differing earning potential, in which users can play for larger amounts of $SWEAT.

Then, we will enable a matchmaking algorithm to match users with similar skills, NFTs, physical steps etc. This allows users to play against anyone!


Introducing: Legs Box seasons! A competition through which users can win new NFTs by winning a certain number of battles. There will be a limited amount of boxes available (Common, Rare and Epic).

We also anticipate a new gameplay functionality, called perfect streak. Once activated, you will see steps coming down your screen with a double score, so you get twice the virtual steps for each hit.

By the end of the year, we also hope to make dynamic NFTs. This will mean visual changes to the NFT based on, for example, your physical activity, how many steps you take, when you take them, and where etc. It could also include external events — stay tuned, we have some exciting ideas planned!

Happy gaming!

The Sweat Team

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