I Thought You Guys Sold Greeting Cards?

Are you wondering why the Swee & Moo Instagram and Facebook accounts are full of photos of us exploring Amsterdam rather than us at markets selling cool quirky greeting cards? It’s because we levelled up in our adventure game, sold everything we owned and moved to Amsterdam! Read on for details!

Us at one of our first Swee & Moo markets in Durban

Sometime before December 17 2013, our first ever market date, we had the idea of doing something together, something adventurous, something fun. So we started a quirky hand-made greeting card business. We called it Swee & Moo.

We had a lot of fun with it. We made a lot of greeting cards, tags, and vouchers. We even sold a few prints. We tried new things. We made a lot of people smile. We loved what people said about our products. We loved meeting new people and making new friends — especially at I Heart Market in Durban. Sure, we had our ups-and-downs, but it was an amazing experience that we’ll never forget.

But the point wasn’t only to make greeting cards. The point was to do something together, to have fun, to spend time with each other, and to go on an adventure. Which we did :)

And that same attitude made us sell almost everything we owned, leave behind our cards, our friends and family, and move across the world with 2 bags of stuff each. Together. To adventure. To explore. To have fun. To meet new people. To do new things. To live in a new city. Amsterdam.

And we’re loving it. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s sad. Sometimes it’s just amazingly beautiful. But it’s all adventure. It’s fun. It’s rewarding. And there’s a lot more in store for us, that’s for sure.

So that’s why there’s pictures, updates and blog posts all about Amsterdam :)

  • If you’ve never seen our cards, have a look at some of them!
  • And follow our adventures on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Below are a few photos of us and our cards.
Some of our cards
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