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We've been very happily surprised by how many readers have sent us their favorite tracks and we thought it might be nice to feature those songs (#communitybuilding). So for this week's music, you have Navid, Antonio, Hans, and Mtali to thank. That is also the most diverse list of four names imaginable. SCD readers are awesome. 

In case it wasn't clear to those who haven't sent in music: please do. We love hearing from you.

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Love Me by WiDE AWAKE ft. Jacob Banks
Links: Youtube / Spotify 

Generally, our rule of thumb is that any given artist should only appear on the Sweet Chili once a year. But there is nothing more satisfying than when a Sweet Chili artist resonates so much with a listener that he/she goes through that artist's entire discography and sends us back a gem. Hence, Love Me, which features the enormously underrated Jacob Banks.

Caged Bird by J. Cole and Omen
Links: Youtube / Spotify

Who knew about The Revenge of the Dreamers album? Why didn't you tell me? How is it possible it got so little fanfare? Sample lyrics: "Freedom's just an illusion, that's my conclusion / And if it ain't, then how my n***** keep on losing theirs / This goes out to childhood friends that's doing years / Prison tats on their backs like souvenirs."

Calm Waters by Lucian ft. Beth Duck
Links: Youtube / Spotify / Soundcloud

Okay, so, this was sort of sent in by a reader. The recommendation was actually DePresno. But while listening to DePresno, Soundcloud recommended Lucian and thus began a Soundcloud wormhole. (Welcome to the very systematic way in which we find music.)


Hymn by Braxton Miller & Butcher Brown
Links: Youtube / Spotify

I understand, I get it. Jazz is that thing Kenny G did. Or -- and potentially worse -- that incomprehensible thing your teenage next-door neighbor (read: me) played with his saxophone. But just give this track a shot. Stay in it till at least the 2 minute mark. It's the ideal Fall jam: a laid back beat with horns floating on top.

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