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We’re accepting payment by credit, debit or app.

Welcome to the Future — It’s Cashless

  • A win for the customer: 75% of consumers prefer to pay with credit or debit cards (only 11% prefer cash), which provide a paper trail and loyalty points. And you don’t even need to carry a credit card with mobile payment apps like Venmo, which processed $1 billion in January 2016. We believe digital payments are the future, and we want to help lead that charge, not lag behind. Plus, going cashless will expedite the speed of service at your local sweetgreen and give two hours back to our team to do more important things, like connect with you.
  • A win for the company: We’ve invested people, time, and resources into building a seamless mobile app that lets guests order, pay, and earn rewards, and we’ll continue to invest in that platform. Today, over 30% of our transactions happen digitally (either via online ordering to scanning the app to pay in-stores), and trends suggest that number will climb. Plus, going cashless creates a safer environment for our employees — with no cash on-hand, they’re less of a target for theft.
  • A win for the community: We estimate that going cashless will save 100,000 driving miles (plus gas) for armored car pickups each year, as well as 500 lbs of paper. So eliminating green actually is more green.



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