Digitizing our Supply Chain

Jul 10 · 2 min read
Jim Ward (left) has been farming for more than 30 years. Together, we’re learning new things from the blockchain sensors we installed at his farm in Sharon, Massachusetts (right).

At sweetgreen, the dream of digitizing our supply chain started with a problem we wanted to solve: how do we increase our transparency as we grow and scale our supply chain networks? How do we create intimacy at scale with our guests around the quality of our localized and sustainably sourced ingredients?

The solution was to create a tech-enabled system that would offer as much transparency around our ingredients as possible. And the payoff is there: when consumers make food purchasing decisions, key questions include: where was it made, who made it, and what is in the food? According to The Hartman Group, 39% of consumers are purchasing more local food than the year before. According to a recent Organic Trade Association article, organic food purchases are growing at 6x the rate of conventional options. The good news? We have this information to share and our farmers and growers are just as eager to tell their stories as we are.

How are we starting to do this? We share thoughtful Open Source newsletters detailing ingredients featured in our restaurants, our menu boards are going digital and we have a blockchain built for select ingredients. The Supply Chain team at sweetgreen wholeheartedly believes that we are changing the food system for the better, and digitizing the supply chain is a cornerstone required to update our country’s food system. Our mission has always been to connect people to real food and we strongly believe that transparency is key to making our mission a reality.

We’re excited and honored to have this journey featured in the July issue of Fortune magazine. Thank you to Sheila Marikar for helping to tell our story and thank you to our customers who believe in us.

We’re just getting started.

— team sweetgreen


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Stories from the sweetgreen community.

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