Build-A-Bear & Sweet Are Ready to Auction Off the Silver Gala Bears

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4 min readNov 12, 2022


5 One-of-a-kind collectibles drop on November 15th

Our latest collaboration with Build-A-Bear features five new, one-of-one digital collectibles that will go up for auction on Tuesday, November 15th. The 5 Silver bears being made available are: Fashion Bear, Queen of Hearts Bear, DJ Bear, Bearoque Bear, and Silver Glam Bear. Bidding for each of these Silver Gala Bears will start at 12 pm EST and remain open until November 17th — The auction ends promptly at 7 pm ET.

As with the Swarovski® Crystal-Encrusted Bear that was auctioned in October (which yielded the highest price ever for a Build-A-Bear product BTW!), each of the five silver-themed bear collectibles will come with a one-of-one plush “real-life” replica of the digital bear.

A corresponding Plush Bear accompanies the Digital Collectible (seen here: Fashion Bear, Queen of Hearts Bear, and DJ Bear).

In addition to the IRL bears, each auction winner will receive a commemorative brick with their name on it to be placed in the all-new Build-A-Bear Foundation Plaza in St Louis, MO. They will also receive a private party for 5 at a Build-A-Bear Workshop location and a virtual sneak peek of Build-A-Bear’s Spring fashion line.

If that doesn’t sound insane enough, let’s just drill down into what a private party for 5 at a Build-A-Bear Workshop means… it means an auction winner gets to choose 4 people and head over to a mall or store location to build their own bears — each person at the party will get to choose their own furry friend, 1 clothing item, 1 footwear item, 1 sound, and 1 bear carrier. These Silver Bear digital collectibles don’t just give insane utility and access to the owner, but that utility and access extend to the owner's friends or family.

As with many of the digital collectible programs Sweet has launched, the purchase of these Silver Bears will include a charitable component as 10% of the sale price will benefit the Build-A-Bear Foundation — For those who don’t know: Build-A-Bear Foundation is the philanthropic entity for Build-A-Bear Workshop. Since its founding in 2004, it has contributed more than $22 million and 1.5 million furry friends to charitable organizations around the world.

A corresponding Plush Bear accompanies the Digital Collectible (seen here: BEARoque Bear and Silver Glam Bear).

Just like Build-A-Bear’s previous auction of the Limited Edition Bear Collectible Featuring Swarovski® Crystals, the opportunity with each of these Silver Gala Bears is this extremely powerful digital and physical collectible combination — for instance: the DJ Bear that can spin straight fire in your real-life living room can also conceivably spin at your after-party in the metaverse. The Silver Bears go up for auction soon, so we suggest you decide which is your favorite and then plan your bidding strategy accordingly!

To sum it all up: There will be 5 (five) Silver Gala Bears up for auction starting Nov 15th and each digital collectible bear includes the following:

  • 1-of-1 physical version of the corresponding Silver Gala bear
  • Private party for 5 people at a Build-A-Bear Workshop of the winner’s choosing
  • Commemorative brick with auction winner’s name on it at Build-A-Bear Foundation Plaza in St. Louis, MO
  • 10% of the sale price goes to Build-A-Bear Foundation



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