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3 min readDec 19, 2022


Take the on-ramp to minting your original creations with Sweet’s Fast Lane program. Creators ready to drop a collection that meets the program’s requirements can go live in a week or less, then sell and trade alongside some of the world’s biggest brands on Sweet’s marketplace.

How does it work?

Once you have designs to mint, simply answer a few questions, and our team of experts will reach out to you and ensure that your digital collectibles are ready to mint. Sweet helps you go live, minting on Polygon and placing your collection strategically in our Marketplace.

Super simple, with guidance to onboard your project and place it perfectly on Sweet, we’ll have your NFT collection launched and available before you know it.

What do I need to do?

Fill out this form and tell us about the project/collection you have planned. Once accepted to the Fast Lane program, our team will help you design a marketplace page and description, with links to your project website(s) and to your socials so you can showcase your collection on our easy-to-use, secure marketplace. Collectors can purchase your digital collectibles with cash or crypto, and can easily create a secure Sweet wallet to store their growing collection.

What can I mint on Fast Lane?

From Proof of Participation tokens (or POPs) to one-of-a-kind artwork, Fast Lane is designed to lower barriers to entry to the marketplace and speed up access to new, collectible sets and projects. Your original artwork and designs can become amazing digital collectibles to support your goals as a creator and innovator.

Why did Sweet launch Fast Lane?

Sweet has always been a collaborative platform and not only does Fast Lane lives up to its name, but it also fits perfectly into our mission: to accelerate the adoption of digital collectibles by the everyday consumer. Now, because of Fast Lane, some of the most innovative creators in the world can quickly share their vision through digital collectibles, delighting their existing fans and Sweet wallet holders and reaching new audiences and collectors.

Earlier this year, Sweet asked creators if they would want to mint on Sweet. More than 8,000 responded, so clearly Fast Lane’s on-ramp was in demand to welcome more voices to the collecting world.

What are some projects that have already minted using Fast Lane?

Left to Right: Nexidy’s Aquarius collectible, Durbsy’s HOWL NFT, and BSYC’s Skullrot the Parrot King.

Nexidy is a collection designed by new-age creators full of wisdom, spirituality, and esoteric knowledge, working to unite to push for peace through positive vibes and elevated consciousness. Nexidy’s NFT project was created to enhance its existing t-shirt collection.

Durbsy is an apparel and home accessories start-up focused on unity, equality, and giving back. Their NFT project is meant to augment and complement their physical merchandise.

Black Sails Yacht Club is an NFT project created by TAY HIT, G-Kuts, and Hakykaz. And they are pleased to introduce you to the 10 Parrot Kings of the BSYC! The BYSC exists in a world where Parrot Kings protect their kingdoms with great dragons and extraordinary powers.

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