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Into the Metaverse with Sweet (Part Deux)

A few months ago, we explored the meaning behind the word “metaverse” in our blog post entitled “Into the Metaverse with Sweet.” We looked at a few virtual worlds which already exist, and this drove the point home that there is no singular experience when it comes to the metaverse. We also differentiated between the web2 and web3 versions of a metaverse. Though both versions consist of immersive and interactive web experiences for their users, it is the web3 metaverse that exists within an emerging peer-to-peer (decentralized), blockchain-based version of the internet where digital ownership is possible with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It is only fitting that we now explore how Sweet is leveraging this web3 metaverse to enhance NFT experiences for the brands we partner with and their fans.

The core principle behind Sweet’s metaverse approach is to create meaningful user experiences which help drive organic engagement. In order to make this a reality, both virtual and otherwise, flexibility is a key component of the types of experiences we offer and how we go about developing them. The technology which drives the web3 experience is continually and rapidly evolving; Sweet is committed to keeping pace with this evolution. The brands we work with also have different goals for entering the space and we want to accommodate their needs accordingly. Most crucially, the users who interact within our metaverse experiences must find value in their engagement.

Based on these factors, Sweet is approaching the metaverse with a multifaceted strategy that utilizes our vast and expanding network of partners. In other words, we are looking to offer a variety of metaverse ecosystems tied to our underlying Sweet platform. These metaverse ecosystems will be capable of being minted and transacted as NFTs, and will extend the relevance of users’ entire NFT collections. They will also be customizable to provide unique experiences that are based on the needs and preferences of their users. The Sweet platform will provide the base from which flexible design can flow to showcase a wide range of themes with a narrow to wide focus that accommodates the way in which a virtual space is being used.

Let’s explore some ways these metaverse ecosystems could take shape:

  • Event Spaces: Imagine that you wanted to set up your own virtual event space to host a watch party, where friends and family from across the world can watch a cult classic movie together. Why not create a familiar environment where each person can enter as their own avatar to quote their favorite movie lines or play fun trivia games in real-time with each other. Or imagine your favorite brand spinning up a space like that and providing exclusive access to peruse and review soon-to-be-released products or merch.
  • Storefronts/Marketplaces: Brands can spin up virtual stores and marketplaces where users can purchase virtual or potentially physical goods from a shared environment.
  • Microverse rooms: Sports fans can build their own personalized trophy rooms where they display their digital sports memorabilia, while art collectors can create a virtual art gallery to display their digital art. Friends, collectors, and interested parties can then be invited into these rooms as the next generation of the fan cave or the gallery exhibition.

These virtual spaces can also provide an even more interactive experience where users are able to socialize and play fun mini-games with one another or engage in “play-to-earn” games where they earn NFTs by interacting with various environments across different ecosystems. Sports leagues like the NHL can offer guided virtual tours that take fans on a journey through the history of hockey in a fun and interactive way. Because this will be a virtual world with built-in flexibility, the sky really is the limit on what is possible.

We are also building out a metaverse experience called Sweet HQ that can be a reusable space for brand partner events and a place to show how the NFTs distributed through our platform can drive access to events, both virtual and IRL and be used as avatars or wearables in the virtual ecosystems we create. The plan is to build our virtual headquarters on a parcel of land within a web3 metaverse where the digital interaction with users can happen at scale. The current design features a giant vertical popsicle building with multiple floors that offer various and engaging experiences — pretty “sweet,” right? This will be a place where we can invite audiences to explore everything we are doing at Sweet, as well as showcase our latest NFT drops and demo upcoming experiences. Hosting brand events and experiences, including spinning up pop-ups for our clients and brand partners is just the beginning.

The new Sweet wallet app (coming soon) will be the connector piece through which users can view, interact, share, and trade their entire NFT collections across our metaverse ecosystems. It will be their personal key that opens the doors to different virtual spaces and allows them to expand their NFT collections, as well as gain access to exclusive perks. The wallet will also provide the capability to connect to third-party decentralized apps (Dapps) and metaverse experiences.

We have a clear vision of what a Sweet metaverse experience looks like (pun intended). Sweet is continually expanding our web3 design capabilities with a very talented in-house product and design team as well as a growing list of design partners. With the right pieces and strategy in place, we are busy bringing our metaverse vision to life.



Sweet creates blockchain-based experiences and perks programs that connect fans to each other and to the brands they love.

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