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McLaren Racing and Sweet Partner for Manga-Inspired NFTs

McLaren Racing has partnered with Sweet to release an NFT series in celebration of two crucial Formula 1 racing events: the Singapore Grand Prix and the Japanese Grand Prix. Both competitions are part of the twenty-two racing events that make up the Formula 1 World Championship, which will crown a winning driver as the World Drivers’ Champion and a winning team as the World Constructors’ Champion.

This NFT series has been dubbed “Kiwi’s Caper,” and is being released as a seven-page manga-inspired digital collectible comic book. As is the case with all comics, we needed a great main character to center the story around. This is why we chose “Speedy Kiwi”, the legendary mascot featured on McLaren cars between 1962 and 1966.

When McLaren interns are asked to look after Speedy Kiwi, who is McLaren’s Head of Speed and good luck charm, he escapes his comfortable living quarters. The interns must pursue him all across Asia from Singapore to Japan — to coincide with the two McLaren racing events. Will the interns catch Kiwi? Collect the series and find out!

The seven pages that are part of this digital collectible comic book are being released over a seven-day period — the first page was dropped on October 1st to coincide with the start of the Singapore Grand Prix, and the last page will be released on October 7th at the start of the Japanese Grand Prix. Purchasers of the digital collectible will be invited to a virtual briefing with McLaren Racing CEO, Zak Brown. They will also be entered into a draw to win McLaren merchandise. Those who collect all seven pages of the “Kiwi’s Caper” comic book digital collectibles by 21:00 BST/4 PM ET on October 10th will be sent a physical version of the comic book. It will make for a very unique digital meets physical experience. The digital collectibles can be purchased at: https://www.mclarenracingcollective.com

Manga represents a style of comic that originated in Japan, and has pulp fiction at the heart of its artistic expression. Because of this connection to pulp, there is a rawness and an edge behind manga comic artwork, which makes for a great figurative expression of the rawness and edge which exists within the fast-paced action of Formula 1 racing. This is a great example of utilizing an artistic style in creating an NFT collection to thoughtfully represent McLaren Racing and the sport of Formula 1.

All “Kiwi’s Caper” NFTs will be minted on the Tezos blockchain. Tezos is one of the leading Proof-of-Stake blockchains that was built to ensure active community governance and participation. Users can directly and frictionlessly interface with one another over a decentralized network and exchange value without the need for intermediaries. The blockchain stays true to a web3 vision of user-governance and a user-centric approach in making key decisions.

This is the fifth collaboration between Sweet and McLaren Racing. Sweet also partnered with McLaren esports on their Shadow-Liveried MCL36 Digital Collectible. You can read more about all our McLaren NFT projects in our other blog posts, and you can learn more about the McLaren Racing Collective and toggle across the various collections by visiting: https://mclarenracingcollective.com/. We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with McLaren Racing on another NFT collection and look forward to many more!



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