Milwaukee Bucks launch Bango’s Pass on Sweet

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2 min readMar 14, 2023


Bucks fans can purchase an exclusive pass that grants holders custom members-only gear, the chance to win playoff tickets, a Giannis-signed issue of Sports Illustrated and ultimate game-day experiences.

The Milwaukee Bucks are taking fan experience to the next level with Bango’s Pass, now available on Sweet’s Access Pass platform. This exclusive offering is limited to just 200 passes, providing each pass holder with access to a unique community and unparalleled perks. As the Bucks head into the playoffs, Bango’s Pass will enable pass holders to unlock unforgettable experiences at Fiserv Forum, celebrate in style with custom-made Bucks gear and more.

Bango’s Pass grants holders the right to claim perks for the remainder of the 2022–23 NBA season, starting with perks tied to the Bucks vs Pacers game on March 16th. This innovative pass serves as a digital collectible, as well as a key that unlocks access to unique perks that will be updated on a regular basis.

Here’s just a sampling of the perks Bango’s Pass holders can claim:


  • All Bango’s Pass holders will be eligible to enter drawings for tickets to the playoffs!!

Exclusive Bucks Gear & Unique Merchandise

  • Opportunities to win autographed merchandise like a Giannis-signed issue of Sports Illustrated
  • Access to the invite-only Bucks VIP Store
  • The chance to win a custom Bucks jersey
  • Bango’s Pass member t-shirt and sticker — merch that is custom-made for this program

Enhanced Game Day Experiences

  • Access the Jockey Club at Fiserv Forum. Typically reserved exclusively for fans in rows 1–8, pass holders will have the opportunity to get on the invite list and enjoy all the amenities of the Jockey Club on game day.
  • Behind-the-scenes tours of the Fiserv Forum on game day
  • The chance to join the 414 Crew on the court to help hype the crowd and toss t-shirts out into the stands
  • Post-game free throws. Bring your family and friends down courtside and let’s see what you’ve got

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Get a Bango’s Pass!

Be one of the lucky few to gain exclusive access to the Milwaukee Bucks with Bango’s Pass, available for a limited time for $99. Go to to purchase, get perk details, and answers to FAQs.

NOTE: Perks will be available only during the 2022–23 NBA season. Some perks are offered to all Bango’s Pass holders, while others are available to holders on a first-come, first-serve or enter-to-win basis.




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