Sweet and the NHL Open NHL Breakaway to Fans and Collectors Worldwide

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3 min readNov 16, 2023


Hockey enthusiasts and collectors, brace yourselves because NHL Breakaway has officially left the private beta phase, and the doors are wide open to welcome fans and collectors from every corner of the globe. In this groundbreaking collaboration with the NHL, the NHLPA, and the NHLAA, we’ve built something truly special, and now is the time for everyone to experience the NHL like never before!

Over the last few months, we’ve been busy designing and building out features like gifting, public profiles, gamification, and trading, features that are all about fostering a vibrant community of die-hard hockey fans and like-minded collectors — connections are being forged… whether it be with the collections they’re creating within NHL Breakaway or the friendships they’re establishing on Discord, Twitter, or in the Trade Lounge.

The Trade Lounge is Open

Hockey Fans and collectors can trade their highlights and unopened packs inside the Trade Lounge, which opened earlier this month. Thousands of trades have already happened on the platform as users vie for that iconic breakaway goal, a play from their favorite player, or highlights that will help them on their way to their first set completion.

With the NHL Breakaway Trade Lounge, we’ve very purposefully taken those nostalgic days spent swapping sports cards with friends during recess and brought it all into the digital world, prioritizing a killer trading feature so that every user has a safe and secure place to swap out their dupes, make some killer trades, or score that lower serial #.

Public Profiles Are Here

One thing that we heard again and again as we were listening to our Founding Fans and doing our own market research was that the ability to display your collection was important. Enter Public Profiles!

Public Profiles helps you take your NHL Breakaway highlights collection out of the “digital attic” or “digital basement” and lets you show off your collection, your prized highlights… maybe even an unopened pack or 2… to the watching world or at least to the people in your immediate sphere of influence. Consider it your virtual trophy case that you can display just by sharing your own unique URL.

Gamification Adds Interest and Interactivity

For anyone paying attention to the evolution of the NHL Breakaway site, one day the word: PLAY appeared as one of the modules available on the NHL Breakaway platform and the point was clear — NHL Breakaway isn’t just going to be about collecting iconic highlights and witnessing those jaw-dropping plays from your favorite player, it’s about making all of it — the collecting, owning, trading, gifting, etc. FUN!

Gamification on NHL Breakaway is all about highlighting the players, the saves, the goals, and the defensive plays and turning it all into a place where hockey fans can have a blast while they experience the NHL in a completely new (and digital) way.

Game On for NHL Breakaway

NHL Breakaway isn’t just a platform; it’s a revolution in the way fans experience and collect sports memorabilia in the digital age. With its focus on community, nostalgia, and innovation, NHL Breakaway is set to become a go-to destination for hockey enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. So, hockey fans, gear up — NHL Breakaway is here, and it’s game on!




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