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Sweet x American Red Cross: Digital Collectibles to Help People Impacted by Hurricane Ian

NFTs have power. Did you know that? — Power that we have barely begun to tap. NFTs have the power to enliven and excite fandom for your favorite sports team or get people stoked for a brand’s latest campaign… sure, but they also have the power to raise funds to help people in times of crisis.

More than 2 weeks after Hurricane Ian devastated Florida, Red Cross volunteers continue to work tirelessly to provide food, shelter, and comfort for the people and communities most impacted by one of the largest disasters to ever hit the state. Tens of thousands of homes were affected, leaving many communities unrecognizable. That’s where American Red Cross volunteers come in — they along with other partners will be helping families recover for the weeks and months to come.

That is why Sweet is partnering with the American Red Cross to tap the power of NFTs or digital collectibles to help support the people and the communities affected by Hurricane Ian. We’ve released 10,000 digital collectibles designed by Miami-based artist Marlon Pruz and priced at $14.99 to support the American Red Cross as they help people on the ground.

Our goal in releasing this amazingly designed digital collectible is to raise critical funds to help the people in need after Hurricane Ian. When you purchase this collectible, you’ll be donating to the American Red Cross and supporting them as they help people recover.

Now let’s talk about the artist who designed this artwork: Marlon Pruz. Marlon Pruz was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida and as an artist — he gets his inspiration from both the street culture that surrounds him and the natural beauty of the Everglades. Pruz’s iconic work dots the landscape across South Florida, with work appearing in digital collections like Knifey, which you may have seen on OpenSea; a 100-foot banner that doubles as a fence around a skatepark in Miami; and a community mural located on the University of Miami campus. We are beyond grateful for Marlon’s willingness to donate his art to this important cause.

Thanks to blockchain technology, any sales of this digital collectible on Sweet’s user-to-user marketplace will continue to support the American Red Cross — 10% of secondary sales will go directly to the American Red Cross in perpetuity, meaning additional funds for the cause through the power of NFTs.

Join us as we seek to help people recover from the devasting aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Florida. You’ll be glad you did!



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