Our 10 principles of place for communities

Kevin Le Goff
Jul 22, 2019 · 1 min read

At Swenson we build tools & moments to catalyse inspiring people. Members can share their stories with the hope they will inspire others to do great things. Each year we gather our members via events or retreats at The Swenson Houses (France, Portugal or Spain). The experience over there is very important for us and contribute to make moments truly magical.

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Here is our 10 principles of places for communities

1/ Be in the middle of nowhere where it can be hard to get to

2/ Be somewhere where nature blows your mind

3/ Look for authenticity not perfection

4/ Blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

5/ Let the history be present.

6/ Create a central hub where people can gather

7/ Provide quite spaces

8/ Use materials from the locality or involve local people

9/ Don’t be rigid, let the space evolve and adapt

10/ Spend time on details. It builds the experience.

Looking to join the community as a member ? Email me and let’s talk about who you’d like to sit next to at diner.



We give inspiring people moments to share their stories…

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