Swenson is in the detail

Kevin Le Goff
Jul 22, 2019 · 2 min read

You know when you walk into a space for the first time and you immediately feel at home? What is it about those special places that make you feel like you belong as soon as you walk through the door?

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Capturing details on an early morning at The Swenson House

More often than not it’s the little details that show that your comfort has been considered and your needs cared for. A pitcher of water at your bedside. A flickering candle on the table. A fin tank on your desk. An old surfboard in the bathroom. A comfy seat close to the water.

That’s what we try to create in each of our Swenson Houses.

Most members arrive on their own after a long journey. We get that they are probably feeling a little apprehensive about meeting new people, sharing space and having a diner with strangers.
So, we greet them with a big smile and a whole lot of carefully considered details to make them feel welcome.

From the smell of the ocean, the wood abundance and the flickering of candles that greet you as you check in. The freshly roasted coffee, the carefully brewed teas and the delicious cakes baked by Melanie where you mingle and meet your fellow attendees.

You might join the community and The Swenson Houses and not notice any of these things. But you will get a sense of feeling welcome and cared for. For us, these details are extremely important. We have conversations with our log suppliers about which wood smells best when it burns. We stock our vegetable garden with flowers that will burst into bud on the very retreat of Swenson.
We make sure everyone has a candle burning outside their room to welcome them back at night.


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