Swenson Membership, your best self.

Kevin Le Goff
Jul 22, 2019 · 2 min read

We think of the Swenson community as an encouragement network. A community that helps you to be your best self.

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Our retreats and moments aren’t the only way people participate in the community. Our online platform was built to keep our members connected wherever they are in the world and whenever they want to get in touch with each other.

Swenson Magazine is also a way to learn new skill, get inspired or improve their life or business.

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There are also regular monthly events, mainly in Paris hosted by Swenson that offer subject-specific mini Swenson experiences exploring a topic in more depth than is possible with a 20 minutes talk. It could be growing a business, communicating your personal story. These are held year-round at cool places we love. Those moments keep the dialogue flowing, the inspiration hitting and the community alive.

“Since getting in the community, connections are already being made. I’ve introduced people and been put in touch with others who are able to help, support or share, allowing us to take steps forward in our individual missions to do good and have fun doing it”

Theme we like to talk about when gathering members
Ambition — Work — Big adventure — Following your path — Changing the world — Telling your story — Trusting your instinct — Big Thinking — Passion — Inventing — Time — Simple pleasures — Going with the flow — Changing yourself — Listening to others — Big feeling

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Have a look to what’s behind the Swenson Membership here. And do not hesitate to push the door to join the community

You can also read how we involved members at Swenson to know more about the people and the process.


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