The speaker’s Swenson list

Kevin Le Goff
Jul 22, 2019 · 2 min read

We ask speakers to do a talk they have never done before. To open up. To be vulnerable. We don’t expect sleek over rehearsed presentations and we don’t offer speaker coaching.

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The best speakers are the ones who open up and tell their story in a natural way and talk from the heart. Often it’s the speakers who are a little nervous or might be telling their story for the first time, who deliver the best talk.

Humility — Vulnerability — Honesty

Here is the Swenson list we send to speakers

1/ Tell your story. Members want to see the human behind your story. Let them in

2/ Don’t do the same old talk that you always do. It’s time to leave your comfort zone.

3/ Tell us your struggles as well as your successes. Warts & all. Failure is often a better teacher than success.

4/ Don’t read it. Let it flow from the heart. You’ll touch more people that way.

5/ Tell us your dreams, your passions, what you stand for. Tell us about your crazy new idea or your brave new thinking. We need to know what drives you.

6/ Be an entertainer. We cover some serious subjects but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Entertainment is good. People learn while laughing.

Looking to join the community as a member ? Email me and let’s talk about who you’d like to sit next to at diner.



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