Introducing Swerve: A New Paradigm in Permissionless Liquidity Bootstrapping

Swerve Pools
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4 min readAug 27, 2023

Swerve is a permissionless liquidity bootstrapping platform that enables teams to fairly distribute their token to a wide range of participants whilst generating instant initial liquidity.

By leveraging the power of Balancer’s Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools (LBPs), Swerve’s design allows for transparent market-driven token pricing, democratizes access and allows project’s to meaningfully decentralize their token while simultaneously creating a healthy trading environment through ample liquidity.

Expanding Horizons with LayerZero

Swerve is building the next generation of LBPs by taking the significant step to integrate the protocol with LayerZero. This powerful synergy enables Swerve to unlock a vast amount of liquidity across multiple chains. As a result, Swerve not only enhances a project’s fundraising scope but also paves the way for borderless participation, ensuring that a larger and more diverse audience and pool of liquidity can engage across various ecosystems.

Uniquely positioned, Swerve emerges as the first-of-its-kind to seamlessly unify opportunities for both projects and investors within a single, intuitive platform.

Fundraising Expertise

At Swerve, the focus extends beyond merely facilitating LBP events. The seasoned team are highly experienced in the decentralized fundraising sector. Drawing on this rich background, Swerve adopts a comprehensive approach to supporting teams that goes beyond the LBP event. Swerve will offer both permissionless and verified LBPs, where select teams will have the opportunity to work directly with Swerve core and its advisors to optimize for success.

Drawing on this rich background, Swerve adopts a comprehensive approach to supporting teams that goes beyond the LBP event. The team is committed to democratizing fundraising and helping new teams transform innovative ideas into sustainable products.

Why Use LBPs?

Projects need capital and initial liquidity to build out their innovative ideas and LBPs have proven to be a perfect way to help teams achieve this. Through its simple design alone, LBPs have helped 130 teams raise $750M+ in bootstrapped liquidity.

The Value Proposition

Using Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools, Swerve offers projects an efficient and transparent mechanism to cultivate immediate liquidity, which is a crucial first step for the sustainability of any project’s token.

  • Instant liquidity & sustainable token — through the funds raised, projects can set up healthy liquidity pools on a DEX to facilitate seamless trading — this not only ensures the token’s sustainability but also becomes the foundation for the project’s long-term success.
  • Fair price discovery — based on the activity of Swerve’s participants, LBPs are a highly efficient way to allow the market to determine the fair price of a token.
  • Inclusive investor experience — LBPs offer a flexible fundraising approach, free from allocation constraints. Participants have the freedom to acquire the token at a price they deem ‘fair’, allowing LBPs to accommodate diverse risk preferences. Since the token starts at an elevated price, the LBP design deters whales and bots from manipulating the event.
  • Easy to set up — Swerve’s intuitive UI enables LBP creators to easily set up their event by tailoring a pre-defined price decay curve which controls the token’s distribution.

Challenges & Tradeoffs with Traditional Launchpads

Every approach comes with a distinct set of advantages and tradeoffs, and the LBP is no different. A lof of teams will end up comparing an LBP to an IDO to determine what is the right strategy for their project.

A few of the disadvantages an IDO may have over an LBP, depending on your priorities, are:

  • Lack of initial liquidity — traditional methods often neglect the importance of establishing liquidity pools post-token launch. This oversight leads to relentless selling pressure, negatively impacting the most promising of early projects.
  • Whale & bot manipulation — in conventional launchpads, whales and bots often exploit the sale by front-running participants to amass the majority of the distributed tokens. This not only leads to price manipulation but also creates a poor experience for the wider community.
  • Restrictive token purchasing model — typically, there’s a cap on the number of tokens an individual can purchase. This limitation results in a restrictive experience and often leaves participants with a significantly reduced allocation.

All that being said, an IDO can offer advantages over and LBP (like stronger community support and ecosystem alignment). Again, it simply depends on a specific project’s timeline, go-to-market strategy, etc.

Pioneering the Future of Transparent Fundraising

Swerve is set to usher in a new era in permissionless fundraising. By combining the LBP mechanism, LayerZero integration and dedicated hands-on support, Swerve presents a unique platform that drives the industry forward, providing strong foundations for bold ideas to flourish. LBPs not only facilitate the bootstrapping of liquidity, but also the bootstrapping of early communities — a key aspect in a project’s growth.

As the industry continues to grow and more teams seek ways to be connected to passionate participants, Swerve hopes to stands at the frontier, committed to fostering a more inclusive, transparent and efficient environment for both innovators and community alike. With boundless opportunities that await, Swerve is pioneering a transformative approach in the democratized crypto landscape.