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2019’s Worldwide FinBlock Summit

The 2nd Worldwide FinBlock Summit, sponsored by SWFT Blockchain and co-sponsored by DDAM, Bitfree Cash, PLOUTOZ, BlockTrain, SVBC, Ant Alliance, CRC Chain Capital, Shilian Finance, Coco Finance, and Heyuedi, brought together representatives from over 100 blockchain businesses and organizations in Xiamen, China, on Saturday. Among the organizations present were funds, projects, mining pools, quantification institutions, public chains, and wallets. The event gave these organizations a platform to discuss the direction in which blockchain and financial technologies are headed and stimulate innovation in the industry. There were also over 60 media organizations and over 500 other attendees at the conference.

Industry Context

Blockchain technology has grown into applications for many fields — such as digital finance, IoT, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, and digital asset trading. Many countries are speeding up the development of blockchain technology, and the financial industry has become a battleground for industry giants. The People’s Bank of China is about to issue its DCEP digital currency, Facebook is progressing towards the issuing of Libra, and JP Morgan Chase and Walmart have issued their own stablecoins — just to name a few.

A growing number of blockchain applications are focusing on the financial industry — including DeFi, staking, borrowing, wealth management, payments, insurance, and investments, which pushes for the refinement of blockchain-based finance. Blockchain, therefore, represents a revolution for global finance. Under this high demand for innovation, more and more traditional companies started developing their own blockchain ventures.

The Conference

The 2nd Worldwide FinBlock Summit’s opening remarks were brilliantly delivered by SWFT Blockchain’s Founder and CEO, Ramble, who inspired the audience with his perspective on the “Future of Blockchain Finance.”

SWFT Blockchain’s Founder and CEO, Ramble, delivering the opening remarks

Following Ramble, many industry experts provided attendees with insightful presentations about blockchain technologies. Here are some of the speakers and the topics each of them covered:

  • Prof. Wang Binsheng, Mentor at the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, shared about the “Global Development of Blockchain Finance”
  • Han Feng, Secretary-General of the DACA Association, went over the “Financial Attributes of Blockchain”
  • Huang Lianjin, Founder of Yuanjie Public Chain, presented a “Next-Generation Financial Infrastructure Based on Blockchain”
  • James, SWFT Blockchain’s CTO, discussed “Blockchain Financial Clearing and Settlement”
  • Yang Jian, Co-Founder of BFCPOOL, proposed a “Next-Generation Commercial Credit System”
  • Ye Fei, PLOUTOZ’s Greater China VP, covered the “Development and Discussion of Blockchain Digital Assets’ Derivatives”
Speakers at the 2nd Worldwide FinBlock Summit

There were also seven roundtable panels, during which the guests focused, respectively, on “Blockchain Mining Finance,” the “Development of Blockchain Financial Derivatives,” “Compliance and Risk Control of Blockchain Finance,” “Innovation and Development of Global Stable Coins,” “CeFi and DeFi’s Financial Outlook,” “Blockchain Wallet and Payment,” and “Blockchain Lending and Pledge”.

“CeFi and DeFi’s Financial Outlook” panel moderated by SWFT Blockchain’s Head of Marketing, Christina Chen

Special Thanks

The 2nd Worldwide FinBlock Summit became a successful milestone for SWFT Blockchain and our industry. The unique insights from guests and panel discussions have explored the development trends for blockchain finance and stimulated the exchanging of ideas across blockchain fields. We hope this is just the first step in the promotion of an innovative and healthy collaboration system within the blockchain industry.

We want to thank very much all our partners who have provided prizes for the conference and made it possible. Thank you, Ellipal, Kushen Wallet, Bitpie, Math Wallet, USDH, Silicon Valley’s First Stop, BFC, LT, PLO, SWFTC (SwftCoin), GooCoin, and DDAM!

Thank you to all the media companies that covered the conference as well:

See you all in 2020!



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