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How to Use Swift Polling to Spark Engagement in Corporate Meetings

Corporate meetings are a vital part of any business. Corporate meetings are multipurpose: mainly they are aimed at discussing the company mission and vision, reviewing already carried out business activities and setting up future goals and strategies. They are a perfect venue for exchanging innovative ideas and collecting feedback. In short, corporate meetings help to keep the whole company staff on the same stage.

However, if not organized carefully, corporate meetings may turn into a waste of time. A well-planned venue, equipment and agenda are not enough for productive corporate meetings. It is important to prevent participants from being distracted and keep them engaged the whole time.

Innovative technologies can make corporate meetings more interactive and help leaders get the most out of them. One such technology, Swift Polling, is a real-time polling app that ensures all the participants are engaged and provides a customized experience while also helping to build employee loyalty.

Swift Polling is fast and easy to use. It doesn’t require installation or subscription from the attendees, who can participate with their internet-connected devices.

Now let’s see how Swift Polling can help to conduct smooth and interactive corporate meetings.

1. Successful Q&A sessions

Q&A sessions play a vital role in corporate meetings. They can be a great way to make sure that all the presented concepts, set goals and planned activities are clear to the employees. Allocating enough time to Q&A sessions during corporate meetings is essential. But it’s also important to use the right tools.

Swift Polling’s real-time tools can make Q&As faster, easier and more effective by avoiding a lot of mess and unasked questions.

Providing anonymity, Swift Polling encourages all the employees, including those who are shy or feel uncomfortable, to participate and ask their questions.

How to use the tool? You should sign up on the website and a number will be dedicated to your account. Then employees will send their questions to this number or will submit through the web by responding to your open-ended question.

You can show the received questions in real time. Moreover, if time is scarce, you are able to filter questions and show only the urgent ones.

2. Feedback collection

Feedback collection is also an important part of corporate meetings. It provides the democratic part of meetings and encourages employee engagement.

The feedback may cover a range of issues, from reviewing previous business activities to the employee evaluations. However, it’s not easy to gather feedback, as many employees may avoid being honest, fearing it may constrain their relationship with coworkers or management.

And here again, Swift Polling can be an amazing tool to collect anonymous feedback.

Imagine, during a corporate meeting the best employee should be identified based on the all team members assessment. Start gathering feedback through Swift Polling: for example, you can sign up on the website, choose the “Word cloud” from the question type selection window and write the question, such as “who do you think can be known as the best employee of the year?” and ask your audience to enter the Swift website, type in the event code and send their chosen name. The most repeated names will be shown larger and in another color to indicate their relative popularity.

Another important factor here is that everybody can see the results in real time, so the transparency of the selection of “the best employee of the year” will be provided.

3. Outstanding presentations

When presenting and discussing upcoming business ventures, let employees contribute to the discussion. Use Swift Polling to create live polls and embed the link into the PowerPoint presentation.

For example, you may be trying to decide which venture to pursue. This would be a great opportunity to engage employees to make the final decision and make them believe that their voices are heard. For that, just sign up on the Swift website, choose “Multiple Choice” from the question-type selection window and create your poll including the versions of business activities in the options. Employees can vote either through text message to the number attached to your account or by visiting swiftpolling.com, typing the event code and tapping on one of the options. Then you will show the results on a separate slide in real time, kick off a discussion and make a selection based on the majority opinion.

Don’t miss the opportunity to include Swift’s productivity tools in your upcoming corporate meeting.



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