We’re going to build a wrapper around the traditional Objective-c try-catch and pass in Swift closures to execute as part of the code.


  • Create a new Objective-c class. Pick NSObject as the subclass.
  • Allow Xcode to add a bridging header if you don’t already have one. The bridging header allows Swift code to access Objective-c classes imported through there.
  • Make your TryCatch class visible to the Swift project by importing the Objective-c header.
  • Declare your new try-catch function. We’re using a + to make it a class function for easy use.
+ (void)try:void(^)())try catch:void(^)(NSException*exception))catch finally:void(^)())finally;
  • Implement the function using the default Objective-c try-catch.
  • Call the closures (blocks) inside each matching part of the try-catch. Only call if the closure (block) isn’t nil.
+(void)try:void (^)())try catch:void (^)(NSException *))catch finally:void (^)())finally{    @try {       try ? try() : nil;    }    @catch (NSException *exception) {       catch ? catch(exception) : nil;    }    @finally {       finally ? finally() : nil;    }}


Use anywhere you need a try catch in your Swift project.

 TryCatch.try({ () -> Void in    //try stuff }, catch: { (exception) -> Void in    //catch exceptions }) { () -> Void in    //close resources }

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Swift Programming

The Swift Programming Language

    William Falcon

    Written by

    PhD Student, AI (NYU, Facebook AI research) • Previously Co-Founder @Nextgenvest, Product Manager, iOS Eng • Prior Goldman Sachs, Bonobos, Columbia

    Swift Programming

    The Swift Programming Language

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