Swift snippet #9 — then

Monday, 6th February, 2017

You can find its Gist here!

Whenever we have to safely unwrap an optional value, we generally have 2 options —

  1. if let
  2. guard let

Both solutions are great & there’s nothing wrong with them 👍 But I feel safely unwrapping could get little better 🤔 Thus I made an extension on Optional & created a function then which executes a closure having its unwrapped value only if some exists! It could be used something like this:

let name: String? = "Ritesh"
name.then { print($0) }

where $0 is the unwrapped value which you can use to your need 🚀

If you are wondering about the inception of Swift-Snippets or want to checkout more such snippets, you can find them here 😊

It’s an initiative to share snippets that leverages the great power of Swift 🤘

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Ritesh Gupta

Ritesh Gupta

iOS Developer

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