Chris Barnabei
Chris Barnabei

10: ‘I like Swift as a teaching language.’ with Chris Barnabei

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I am pleased to share the great and varied conversation I had with Chris Barnabei. Chris is a librarian and technology integration specialist for a STEM high school in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. He supervises the school’s 1:1 iPad program, library/makerspace, and professional development initiatives. In addition, Chris teaches classes in Swift programming, iOS app development, and video production. Coding has been a recent interest of his, and along with a team of students published an app to the App Store for his school in June 2016. Chris attended WWDC16 on an educator scholarship, and presented a TEDx talk advocating for coding in K–12 schools. He started his teaching career as an elementary librarian in 2007. Since then, instructional technology has been a passion of his, and he has championed its use as vehicle for student engagement, achievement, and positive school reform.

A special to thanks Chris for taking time out of his schedule to talk with me on the podcast.

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