L to R: Nick Frey, Ari Weinstein, and Conrad Kramer
L to R: Nick Frey, Ari Weinstein, and Conrad Kramer

3: ‘We are all former WWDC Scholarship recipients.’ with the creators of Workflow

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Note: This episode was recorded March 12, 2017, prior to Apple acquiring Workflow on March 22, 2017.
 Apple Acquires Workflow

For this episode I interviewed Nick Frey, Conrad Kramer, and Ari Weinstein — the creators of the iOS app Workflow. Workflow is an iOS automation app that debuted in the App Store in December 2014. Ari Weinstein co-founded Workflow. He dropped out of MIT to co-found the company to follow his passion for building great software and products. Conrad Kramer co-founded Workflow, where he spends most of his time engineering. He got started with iOS development 6 years ago, working on a number of side projects before joining Workflow full time. Nick Frey grew up in Iowa and studied Computer Science at Iowa State for just one semester before dropping out of school to co-found Workflow with Conrad and Ari. It is my most used and important app on my iPad and iPhone. I would like to thank Ari, Conrad, and Nick for taking time out of their busy schedules to talk to me about their coding origin stories and learning to code.

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