Why do I think I should start Medium-ing?

In the last couple of weeks and all I see on the internet is that… I should start a blog! Even the last month I was on a local meetup in Cairo, Egypt called Swift Cairo and they recommended us to start our own blog or start writing on Medium. So… Here I am!

But I’m still a just a computer science sophomore student who is an enthusiast and passionate about iOS development, Apple technologies and love 🍎 Apple in general. So… Why should I start writing a blog? And, to be honest, I’m still kinda a noob.

Honestly, I found out that writing a blog will help me so much in my career and my life in general. Here are a few examples:
1- Improve my English.
2- Write down my Journey and share my Learning Path.
3- Share my Knowledge.
4- Great exposure and having a Personal Brand.

1- Improve my English.

I’m from Egypt so of course, my main language is Arabic, and Arabic is great and all but there is no way that you can do software development without learning English, all most every resource either if it’s a book or video course for learning programming is in English and if there’s a course in Arabic there’s no way it can compete with the variety and quality of the courses that they are in English. So, I definitely think that in order to become a good software engineer -or any other profession to be honest- you have to be good in English or at least understand it well. 
So, I think writing a blog will definitely help me improve my writing skills and my English in general. 
As a beginner in writing, of course, I make a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes so I use a couple of great tools that they help me a lot in my writing to avoid some of those mistakes, they are: 
- Grammarly.
Google Translate Extension.

2- Write down my Journey and share my Learning Path.

I have never had a journal before and a lot of times I really wanted to get one to write down every important thing and every difficult moment that I have, so when the time passes I remember that I was able to move past those times and everything eventually will be fine, another thing is that… I KNOW that I will work in a major company, so writing down my journey; like what I’m currently learning, or what technology that I’m working on would be such an inspiring thing to the people starting out and wanna become like me. LOL!

3- Share my Knowledge.

Of course, I’m still learning and I’m nowhere near all of the great developer who posts here. But a lot of time while making my own projects I would solve a problem that I have through a kinda interesting approach, and I think it’ll be awesome to share those problems and how I solved them. So, stay tuned!

4- Great exposure and having a Personal Brand.

I think writing a blog gives you a great exposure to almost all of the community around the globe, so it will definitely open a ton of doors for other opportunities, businesses, and projects. And you will be well known on an international scale in the community that you are in. 
I also think when you are a well-known developer and have contributed so much to the community, wrote so many articles, helped a lot of people. That will definitely help you when applying to a position in a company… Just the idea of being able to google your name and find yourself in one of the first search results because you are yourself a brand is a great thing.


I really hope you enjoyed my first story. Do you agree with what I think? Or maybe if you have another opinion, I would be glad if you write it down in the comments. I would love to hear out from you any advice on starting writing on Medium to make my next story better and if you liked this one please don’t forget to follow.