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Jun 29 · 3 min read

Swiftex is getting another update. So, why is this important? Well because a lot is changing. It is not just a UI update or a server update, it’s a new engine.

We will be asking users to transfer any coins themselves to their account.

We will be opening the new update alongside the existing exchange so all balances are accessible.


Essentially the update is a second exchange so whilst we have made the registered accounts and scrambled the passwords we will require some work from you. We will be asking users to first reset their password on the new exchange and then transfer their coins themselves between the two exchanges, old to new. We have chosen to do this or security reasons.

Do not forget to cancel any orders to allow you to withdraw all your coins.

To begin using the new version just head on over to the main page and you will see an option for the new version at https://www.swiftex.co

So whats new?

Quite a lot to be honest. First you will notice a fresh new layout. New profile page, new funds page and new trading pages.

The new profile page will allow you to track your login history, enable your 2FA and navigate to your account history. Referrals can be used although the system to gain % fees of the referred user is not implemented yet, but will be shortly. This system will allow you to receive a % of the users trading fees directly into your account.

The new funds page will display all the currencies and see your total BTC balance across your portfolio.

The new trading page is a faster, longer lightweight trading page, with trading view charts. it is a lot easier to navigate and read compared to the previous trading page and it is a lot more responsive.

Other Features

Swiftex Support is launching which is a full ticket based support system and FAQ center. This will be our hub for all support including support tickets to help us answer questions and resolve issues quickly. Support is located at https://support.swiftex.co

Want to get a coin listed on Swiftex?

if you are a coin developer or a representative of the crypto currency then fill in our application form at https://list.swiftex.co

Listing Changes

The following coins are being listed for after the relaunch

Brig, Cubex, Delor, Henga, Qambling Chain, Vetani, Wino, Xando & XANO

The following coins are being DElisted for after the relaunch. This is due to extremely low volume over the past few months.

Mymn, Deimoscoin, Bsha3, SMRTC & SLC


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