We released our first mobile game and made $14

To create a successful game and become faster to launch games we started a 12 Games in 12 months challenge. Here are the results of our first game Danger Wave and the announcement of our second game Hop to Top.

Game 1: Danger Wave Download Numbers

A couple of weeks ago we released our first game Danger Wave on iOS and Android. Its and endless game where you guide up to 16 characters through a dangerous maze of obstacles and traps.

Danger Wave

Here are the full download and revenue numbers we like to share with you:

Danger Wave iOS downloads
  • iOS downloads: 877 downloads in 6 weeks
  • Revenue: IAP $2.21 , Ads $8.40
  • Android downloads: 22 downloads in 3 weeks
  • Revenue: IAP $1.32, Ads $2.25
  • Alltogether: 899 downloads and $14.18 revenue

Reviews/Press: Pocketgamer, Appsoutloud, Appgefahren.de

App Store Rating: 4.85 of 5 Stars from 13 ratings

The main problem is exposure/discovery. How can a game stick out of the crowd and be discovered between thousands of new releases each day and the millions of apps already out there? To gain visibility you need at least one of these components (the more the better): Apple/Google Feature, a known brand, a super unique game, money or simply luck. This is something we need to figure out in the next months in our adventure of creating one successful game

Yes we are a little bit disappointed but we knew it would be highly unlikely to launch our first game and get a lot of downloads right away. So yes, we prepared ourselves for numbers like these and so we are already back in our mill busy working on new games. Can not wait for our next releases with more downloads :) Keep shipping! And who knows maybe Danger Wave will get some traction in the future through updates or cross-promotion.

Game 2: Hop to Top

Today we are releasing our second game called Hop to Top. Its an endless colorful tap reaction game. Tap in the right moment to climb the ladder. While climbing up you can collect stars to proceed to the next level. With coins you can unlock several fun characters like crabs, ninjas and bugs.

Hop to Top Levels

Download it for free at the App Store or Google Play Store.

Ninjas having fun

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We will regularly post updates and reviews how our games are performing (Part 1). If you have ideas or questions please feel free to contact us via Twitter, Medium, Instagram or Email. Thanks a lot.