3 Conversations Not to Have Using an Online Chat Platform

There’s no question that virtual communication has taken the world by storm. From texting, email, online group chats, FaceTime, or any other number of tools we use to communicate digitally, these tools have become the primary source of communication for many people. As for all of these forms of communication, it will come as no surprise that we’re the biggest fans of online chat platforms.

Our group chat platform, Swift Chat, makes it easier than ever to conduct a live chat with fans, friends, employees, or any group of people you choose. But as much as we love this tool and as incredible and powerful as these tools can be, there are also certain conversations that should be held face to face whenever possible.

Conversations you shouldn’t have on an online chat platform

Here are three conversations NOT to have on an online chat platform.

Firing an employee

By now, you probably know it isn’t a good idea to break up with someone with a text message, right? But the same goes for firing an employee over an online chat platform, an email, a text message, or any other form of virtual conversation. It’s just not good form!

Of course, there are circumstances where you physically can’t be in the same space as an employee you need to let go. But in this case, the next best option is either a video call or an old fashioned phone call. It isn’t just firing someone this rule applies to either. Generally speaking, most bad news should be delivered in as personal of a matter as possible.

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Missing those water cooler chats where you could catch up on the latest office gossip? You’re not the only one. But that doesn’t mean an online chat platform is the next best place to gossip. Not only do you risk broadcasting a message to a group of people that was only meant for one, but your conversations could also be saved and viewed by the chat administrator.

Of course, the best practice is no gossiping at all. But if you simply can’t contain yourself, pick another platform — preferably one not associated with your company — to share these thoughts.

Rather than using your online group chat for gossip, why not put it to use in a more positive way? Here are some tips for creating a more inclusive workplace with the help of an online chat platform.

Sharing personal information

No matter the purpose of your online chat platform, you need to be very careful with the information you share on it.

For example, let’s say you just got started at a new company and they need your banking information. This should not be shared over a chat platform or most other forms of virtual conversation. It’s best to hand deliver this information if possible or be sure to choose another secure form of delivery.

Here are some other examples of information you should never share online:

- Your contact information (unless appropriate) including your address and phone number

- Any banking information

- Social security numbers

- Passport information

- Specific travel plans

- Your location

- Credit and debit card numbers or pins

- Insurance information

- School information

- Birthdate

There are a number of reasons to keep these pieces of information private. Some of this information can be used to answer common used security questions on a number of apps and platforms. Other information can be used to steal from you, and in the wrong hands, others can even create a big security risk for you.

Conversations you should have on an online chat platform

While some topics and pieces of information are best kept off of your online chat, there are plenty more conversations that are convenient to have this way! Communicating with coworkers about projects, tasks, and other company-related information is a big one.

An online chat platform is also a helpful way to connect with people in different timezones. Additionally, anytime you have information that isn’t urgent or secure, an online chat is a preferred option for many people over email or text messaging.

If you need a record of your conversation, an online chat platform that lets you export your chats is also a big plus.

Even though there are some big no-no’s when it comes to using an online chat platform, there are plenty more ways this is an incredibly effective way to communicate! Want to see Swift Chat in action? Click here for a live demo.



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