Swift World This Week (04.10–04.16)

  1. What’s New in TestFlight — “TestFlight in iTunes Connect now provides multiple build support, enhanced group capabilities, and improved tester management — making it even easier to test your apps.”
  2. * Smooth Scrolling in UITableView and UICollectionView 
    * Boost Smooth Scrolling with iOS 10 Pre-Fetching API -“some common strategies to achieve smooth scrolling in our iOS mobile apps” and “some very useful changes to UICollectionView in iOS10.”
  3. GitHub — Abedalkareem/LanguageManger-iOS: Language manger used to handle change app language without restart the app — “Language manger used to handle change app language without restart the app.”
  4. #203: Negotiating with Review Terrorists — Release Notes — Overcast — “Last week Apple made a major change to the App Store to allow developers to respond to reviews. Today we talk about this change, consider how helpful it will prove to be, and discuss how we plan to use this new tool to help our individual businesses. ”
  5. GitHub — Luubra/EmojiIntelligence: Neural Network built in Apple Playground using Swift — “Neural Network built in Apple Playground using Swift”
  6. Introducing Texture, a new home for AsyncDisplayKit — “Pinterest is committed to investing in the future of AsyncDisplayKit, so today we’re announcing a new home for AsyncDisplayKit and a new name — Texture. ”
  7. GitHub — lkzhao/YetAnotherAnimationLibrary: Designed for gesture-driven animations. Fast, simple, & extensible! — “Designed for gesture-driven animations. Fast, simple, & extensible!”
  8. Instagram is Eating… Everything? — Tara Mann — Medium — “Over the past year I have found myself using Instagram as a replacement for several other products.”
  9. GitHub — jflinter/Dwifft: Swift Diff — “Dwifft is a small Swift library that tells you what the “diff” is between two collections, namely, the series of “edit operations” required to turn one into the other. ”
  10. Swift World: Change your app’s icon programmatically in iOS 10.3 — I recommend my own article on changing app’s icon programmatically because it has reached 1.2k views, 747 reads and 42 recommends util now. Thanks, my dear readers, it means a lot to me.

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