Github Issues is our New Kitchen

… but Slack stays the living room.

Until today, the SwiftyBeaver Slack channel was the only source of truth for SwiftyBeaver and it was a phenomenal success with a very engaged community at peak times like when new features or versions were shipped.

Now, with SwiftyBeaver, as project & company, growing into something even more meaningful and with many more open-source projects hosted on Github than ever before, the former task management workflow needs an update.

Until now, we just put ideas, issues, etc. into Wunderlist (beautiful but not really public) or Trello (ugly, but public). But putting development tasks too far away from the source code led to a loss of connection with the codebase of the projects.

Long story short: I introduced Zenhub which is a small convenience layer above Github and am now feeling more comfortable in using Github Issues on a daily basis.

”From now on all issues and development tasks are living in Github Issues.”

Discussions or bug reports we can and should still do in Slack since real-time chat is much more efficient but everything coding-related will be in Github.

To very early contributors that will be old news because Github Issues is where SwiftyBeaver started and just the opening of that Slack channel started to really form an engaged group of evangelists and passionate users.

So again: Slack & Github is now our toolset and it should make us all even more productive to build the logging solution we always wanted but never dared to ask 😊

Thank you and see you all on Slack and Github!


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